Playing Outdoor Aracade-Like Games

I woke up from some dreams realizing that I had drooled a lot on one of my pillows, so I had to clean that up so my dreams quickly faded from my mind as I did that, and so I went back to sleep without trying to voice record any of the dream fragments.

I had one or more dreams but I went back to sleep each time, and eventually I finally went to voice record a dream but my memory of all my other dreams and most of this dream had faded away by then.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day outside, there was a field with some tables and chairs were there were people sitting and talking et cetera, and I was standing in an area to the left of them in an area with some outdoor non-electronic arcade games and other types of games (maybe bowling and / or some other kind of ball games) that was possibly near a small pond.

I think that my brothers DLC and DGC and GC were in this area too, and we were playing some games (maybe bowling and / or skee-ball and / or something like that) and / or fishing and / or something like that.

As we did this, sometimes a small white ball like one from a children’s ball pit would roll from the table and chair area in the field toward us, and this ball had maybe a logo and / or writing and / or symbols on it but I did not look closely to read them so I am not sure what it / they looked like.

I would either kick or throw it away from us each time, at some point a thin man with light-color skin started to play a game to the right of me, and at some point either my former male classmate now cousin JE or the man next to me told me that the white ball was being used by him and a woman in the table and chair area to secretly communicate with each other by writing messages on the ball.

He asked me to not kick or throw the ball away so I said okay, I guess they would try to roll the ball to each other with messages written on it, but sometimes it would accidentally roll to the area where my brothers and I were.

After that each time the ball rolled toward us I did not mess with it, and I noticed that the way the ball moved was changing like they were adjusting how they roll it and / or like they were somehow able to adjust the physics of it and / or the ball was possibly remote-controlled or something but I am not sure.

Before the ball moved like someone had accidentally rolled it too far, but now it was moving around like it was rolled purposely and maybe like it was being controlled some how.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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