Tokyo Ghoul | Tokyo Ghoul √A (Tokyo Ghoul: Root A)

Tokyo Ghoul (2014)
Natsuki Hanae in Tokyo Ghoul (2014)
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TitlesTokyo Ghoul
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What is it?

The Japanese animated (anime) television shows Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Tokyo Ghoul √A (Tokyo Ghoul: Root A)


Working On A Blog Post About An Anime

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I went to bed very late and I did not voice record my dreams that I had, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream was probably inspired by me working on my Tokyo Ghoul post for my blog before going to sleep.

The end of this dream involved me being on a computer working on a blog post on my blog that was about a Japanese anime (animated) television show, maybe Neo Yokio and / or Tokyo Ghoul, but I am not sure.

While I was doing this I noticed that my brother GC was on YouTube watching several videos that seemed to be trailers for some anime, and one of them looked similar to Neo Yokio so I asked him about it.

One of the videos had a strange title that was maybe something like: Something Or Some Such Things or Something And Things Like That or Something Or Things Like That or Something Or Some Such Like or something close to that, and I wondered if it was a Neo Yokio movie or season 2 of that show.

I can not remember what my brother GC said in reply, I just remember reading some of the comments on that video, and many of them had negative comments about the trailer.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr