Little Caesar’s – Number #1 Dad – Pizza Commercial (2017)

Little Caesar’s – Number #1 Dad – Pizza Commercial (2017)
Number 1 Dad Little Caesars EXTRAMOSTBESTEST Pizza TV Commercial

What Is It?

Yesterday I saw part of a Little Caesar’s television commercial called Little Caesar’s – Number #1 Dad that was promoting their ExtraMostBestest Pizza, and so I looked it up on YouTube and I found it.

Here are the descriptions for these videos:

Son delivers a much-deserved demotion to his ‘#1 Dad’ in this harsh Little Caesars ad

Client: Little Caesars

Agency: Barton F.

Lil Caesar’s pizza Kid And Dad commercial. Absolutely hilarious. This is a very funny one! Gimme dat! SMH, to funny:). That kid may need to go to the woodshed!

My Thoughts

I see that the video has more negative ratings than expected, probably because of how the son was spoiled and disrespectful to his father, but I think that the video itself was not meant to be taken seriously and that it is not meant to offend people because I see it as a comedy horror video.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 thoughts on “Little Caesar’s – Number #1 Dad – Pizza Commercial (2017)

    • Hello True George,

      I can understand that too.

      Normally I would not consider that to be funny and I do not support that in real life, but under the circumstances that I described it triggered a comedic reaction.

      That is one of the interesting things about comedy, various parts of setting up a joke can make or break a joke, and can trigger or not trigger different reactions in different people.

      Yesterday I saw the movie Sausage Party, and I did not like it really because it was too loud too much cursing too vulgar and too offensive and not really funny to me; but many other people loved it, and that is one of the interesting things about comedy.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


    • Hello Jim,

      Thank you for stopping by, it is super rare for a user to comment on my blog, and so welcome.

      Unfortunately my parent’s do not have a basement and the attic is not designed to hold people and it is not big enough, and so I am not typing from my parent’s basement or attic unfortunately.

      I disagree, various groups of people may or may not find various things to be funny so you might be surprised, in real life I do not find someone insulting father’s or anyone in certain ways to be funny usually.

      How that advertisement was made triggered a comedic reaction in me, probably regardless of what it was about, and it triggered a reaction to not take it seriously because I saw it as a joke that is not meant to insult anyone; but like I said in my post I also saw that the boy in the video was spoiled and disrespectful and that I can understand that some people will get a negative reaction and not consider it to be funny (that in itself is not funny to me either), and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Your reaction to the comedy of that advertisement is perfectly acceptable, we each find various things to be funny or not funny at various times, it depends on the situation and the context et cetera.

      I feel no need to insult people over their reactions to it or to try to make them feel bad, and I do not need to question where people live or to use the word child as an insult (I do not think that using the word child as a negative is a good idea usually).

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, it is good to learn about what other people think and feel.

      I try to get along with people and I realize that many people have different beliefs so I try not to overreact to other people’s opinions, I try to keep an open mind, and sometimes I learn new things and sometimes I even change my opinions.

      A lot of modern comedy is filled with things that I do not like so I have become more numb to it so it is harder to offend me, and I usually do not take it very seriously.

      -John Jr


    • Hello Carolyn,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, I agree that it is possible that some people (especially children) could get the wrong idea, but I think that most people (including children) are taught better than this and know that acting like that is not acceptable in most areas of society so I do not think that most people will get the wrong idea from watching this commercial because mainstream cultures already teach against acting like this in my opinion.

      I think that Little Caesar’s Pizza got the message because they removed the video from YouTube.

      -John Jr


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