My Eye(s) Get Pulled Out

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place outside during the day, and I remember walking on my way back to my parent’s house.

The R Trailer was still there even though it was torn down in real life, and as I was walking on the grass in front of The R Trailer I noticed some boxes and other things piled up in front of it.

Some women who looked like employees walked from around the bushes with more boxes and stuff that they were probably moving in front of The R Trailer, and they seemed to be getting things set up so that they could give away these items to people in need.

I decided to stop to see if they needed help moving the boxes and stuff, I waited for one of them to notice me, and while I waited some people started to arrive to get some of the assumed free stuff I assume.

A line formed, and the employees started giving away items to people in line one-at-a-time, so you had to wait your turn, and so I waited until it was my turn so that I could ask the employees if they needed help.

The employee at the line that I was waiting in was a woman with dark-color skin with black hair, and when it was my turn the woman just looked at me without saying anything oddly.

Previously, she spoke with the other people in line before me, but she just stared at me with an unreadable neutral or neutral-negative facial expression.

I waited for a moment awkwardly, I probably made a sound, but she still did not say anything, but she did stand up and walk toward me without saying anything while staring at me.

Her behavior was strange, so I was not sure what was going on, but I hoped that she was walking over to me to finally speak to me.

But instead she suddenly grabbed my eye or both of my eyes, and she started pulling them out to my surprise, and it probably hurt, and my vision got distorted as my eyes were being pulled out completely.

Having my eyes pulled like this prevented me from defending really, I felt my body in bed during my panic and I heard a crackling / moving paper-like sound, and then I woke up before my eyes were completely pulled from my skull.

I woke up feeling like this was almost a sleep paralysis experience (like for a brief second I may have been paralyzed), but the sound that I heard stopped, but I was a bit freaked out, but I was able to move.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a fictional version of The BP Library where I work, but I am not sure if I was working there or if I was just there helping on my own time.

I just remember some of my coworkers being there like our branch manager Mrs. PH, and I remember several of us trying to help one or more patrons find information on maybe something called cutter homes (maybe a style of house) and maybe religion.

I remember us having a hard time trying to find anything on cutter homes, and I remember trying to find information on some computers.

There were one or more computers in several fictional rooms that were along a wall and each room had glass windows / walls so that you could see into them from the outside, and there were also bookshelves in them.

I can not remember if we ever found all the information that the patron or patrons needed, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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