Lycan (2017)

What is it?

The 2017 horror movie Lycan.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

A college professor (Vanessa Angel) gives six students an assignment to research a historical event, and one member of the group (Parker Croft) convinces the others to investigate a 19th century legend involving a werewolf in the Georgia backwoods.

They delve deeper into the story, but aren’t prepared for the terror that awaits them.

Bev Land directed this horror film, which co-stars Dania Ramirez, Gail O’Grady, and Rebekah Graf.

Final Thoughts

The title and the trailer (which was not a good trailer) for this movie is straight up misleading, and this movie does not deserve to have that title.

I think that this movie should be forcibly renamed to something else so that a better and actual werewolf movie can use this title in the future.

I watched this movie with my brother GC, he likes werewolves so he usually watches any werewolf movies he can find when they come out, after watching the trailer for this movie I did not want to see it but I watched the movie with him anyway.

The audio for the dialogue is often too low and hard to understand while the music and sounds are often too loud, not enough is explained to set up the world, the camera styles and filters whatever change between 3 or more styles which was distracting and confusing, some of the music does not fit and is not so good, the opening scene was unnecessary and there was no follow-up on that, the movie was longer than it should have been, but even with all of those flaws the movie was not that bad until the movie started to drag and waste time for no reason when they reached the forest.

*Spoiler Alert*

Eventually you learn that this movie is not really a werewolf movie after it has wasted your time dragging on for no reason, the movie becomes pretty bad at this point, but there is one good scene with the best song in the movie that had some nice visuals where they use a red filter to color the scene.

This movie should have been shorter, the audio needs to be balanced, most of the music needs to be replaced, it needs to be re-shot as an actual werewolf movie, and the world needs to be explained and set up better.

This movie was disappointing and misleading and longer than it should have been.

The end,

-John Jr


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