President Donald Trump Gives A Speech At A Church

I did not voice record all of my dreams so now I can only remember part of one or two dreams which I will type as one because I am not sure if it is part of the same dream or not.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a college / public school-like campus, there was something weird that happened that I can not remember where maybe a few students and I possibly had to deal with something strange that possibly involved some strange paranormal and / or supernatural threats (maybe some small creatures and / or living toys and / or something else strange like that), but I can not remember.

After leaving from that situation those students and I went into a multi-purpose college building that also had a church (probably a Christian church) inside of it, this church possibly had 1 1/2 floors but I can not remember, and The President Of The United States Donald Trump was supposed to be giving a speech at the church; and we walked into the church to maybe see if that was true or not and / or out of curiosity to see if President Trump was still there and / or to get away from the strange threats or whatever.

We walked into the church and I possibly went on the first floor at first, President Trump was standing at the front of the church at a podium finishing the end of his speech, and surprisingly no one was guarding the door that we entered from and there seemed to be no one guarding most of the areas where people were sitting unless the security was undercover.

All the United States Secret Service agents that I saw were only guarding the left side of the church and by the podium where President Trump was finishing his speech, I was disappointed in the security, and I sat down on the right side of the church among some other people.

President Trump finished his speech shortly after we sat down and then he moved to the left side of the church, a male preacher finished the rest of the church service which was very short because this was the end of it so I moved to the upper floor I think, and then after the church service President Trump stayed briefly to greet people before leaving with his Secret Service agents.

After President Trump and his security left I got up to talk to the students from earlier, while talking to them I noticed a woman with light-color skin with medium-length brown hair sitting on the right side of the church at the front with her back facing us as she typed into a computer, and she seemed to be a court reporter who was typing everything that was said at President Trump’s speech and at the church service.

Oddly no security was left behind with her, she was all alone sitting there typing and there were possibly several different monitors, and I felt that someone should have stayed with her because she seemed to be doing this on an official government computer with access to the government network as part of her official job transcribing for The United States Federal Government.

As I was watching her from a distance something strange happened that I can not remember, maybe the strange threats from earlier entered the church after the students and I, and so we left.

I am not sure if this is the same dream or not but I remember walking outside to a long covered walkway that had various buildings on the left and right sides of it, one the left side were mostly family businesses, and on the right side were mostly college / public school buildings.

I was familiar with this college / public school campus like either I had dreamed of it before and / or this dream took place over several days and / or I had false memories of it, either way I knew where certain buildings were, and I knew some of my memories from past visits to them.

I wanted to get something to eat, I can not remember what, but I knew where I wanted to get it so I headed to a small Chinese restaurant that was owned by a family and one of the employees was the young daughter of the owners who was a lot like CC who works at BY Wok in the city of D.

As I walked up the walkway on the left side I noticed that several of the family businesses were out-of-business now, at least one had changed owners and was a convenience store now, and one or more were going out-of-business which was disappointing because this area used to be more alive and have more variety and I missed the small family owned businesses.

I entered the small Chinese restaurant which was so small that there were no tables so you would walk up to the counter and order your food and take it home, and they had some shelves with things that you could buy except now the shelves were empty to my surprise.

The food that I wanted to eat was usually on one of those shelves so I asked the young female employee about this, she told me that they were about to move their business somewhere else so they had already cleared the shelves and the food that I wanted was not available, and another customer started talking to her.

The customer said something that caused her to ask them to not say that because someone might realize that she is too young to be working here because that is illegal, and she did not want her family to get in trouble if the government found out.

They did not have the food that I wanted so I wished them well and I said that I would miss their business, and I walked to the convenience store that was to the right of them.

A new family was running the convenience store with one of them being a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair, she was not there but somehow I knew this, and her son was there working at the cash register and he slightly looked like a younger thinner annoying American commoner version of Prince William with short yellow and / or orange hair.

Eventually I got the largest honey bun that they had and I walked to the cash register to pay for it but the son was gone, and so I waited for him to return.

At some point I started to eat the honey bun as I waited, which is not like me at all, and opening the plastic felt real and I could somewhat taste it but the taste was probably not as strong as it should have been.

At some point the son returned when I was almost done eating the honey bun, I told him that I had started eating it and I apologized, and he asked me to not do that again in an annoying way where he added some extra unnecessary things to what he said and I said okay.

I paid for the honey bun and the son left a small light blue foam or marshmallow-like object by it that he had been playing with and / or eating and / or biting on and he moved on to the next customer, and so I asked the son if he wanted me to throw it away for him.

The son did not respond until I asked several times, he seemed to be doing this just to be annoying, and then he said yes in an annoying way so I threw it away along with the plastic wrapping for my honey bun that I finished eating.

The son annoyed me making me not want to return, and then I walked back to the walkway to enter one of the college / public school buildings on the right side so that I could find a bathroom because I needed to urinate.

I knew that there were several bathrooms in the building with some for boys, some for men, some for girls, and some for women because some rooms were for college students and some seemed to be for public school students from children to young adults.

There were many different halls and rooms so it was a bit maze-like, the bathrooms had hard to see signs with a symbol of a boy or man or girl or woman, and so I had to stop at each one trying to read the sign and figure out what each symbol meant.

I saw students of various ages and some teachers, and at some point I saw a young woman with light-color skin with brown hair who reminded me of a library patron who has some kind of mental disability who sometimes visits the library with her family and this young woman also seemed to have a mental disability where she seemed more child-like.

The young woman was also trying to find a bathroom so I decided to try to help her find one, I was not sure if she was a woman or if she was still in public school because it was too hard to tell, and so I was not sure which bathroom to lead her to.

Eventually we reached a hallway that seemed to be the elementary school area, and a female teacher with light-color skin with dark-hair stopped to help the young woman so I stood back to watch.

The teacher told her where the bathroom was but she could not understand the directions so I signaled that I would take her there so the teacher told the young woman to follow me, and then we walked to another hallway but I was not sure where we were because I was not used to walking this way.

All I needed was a landmark that I recognized and then I would know where to go, but I woke up before I could reach one.

In the real world I really did need to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

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