A Virtual Reality Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Fighting Video Game?

After watching all the anime on Toonami I went to sleep on a living room couch for two hours and I woke up from a dream quickly to get in bed, so I forgot that dream.

I slept well, so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream, even though I know that I had more dreams.

The end of this dream took place during the day.

I seemed to be playing and sometimes inside a virtual reality multiplayer open world role-playing fighting video game that reminded me of a combination of the video games EA Sports UFC 2 and a Naruto video game and a Fallout or The Elder Scrolls video game and a WWE video game.

I was controlling a video game character who looked like a character named Bruce who I used to create on the WWE video games like the video game WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain.

This character was based on the character Bruce Wayne, and in this dream Bruce had a beard and long hair.

He was not wearing a shirt because him / me and one or more people were living on the outskirts of society / homeless / whatever avoiding other people mostly it seemed.

My point-of-view moved between Bruce’s view like I was him and from outside his view like I was controlling him and watching what was happening like a normal video game.

At some point one or more people and Bruce / me were about to move to a new area, so we were going to move our stuff.

The last of us to move our stuff was a man with light-color skin and Bruce / I, and we were behind several rows of bookshelves that were under a covered area outside.

This area was our hiding spot and living space, but now we were moving somewhere else.

While the man was walking out the right side from the bookshelf, several people were approaching.

The two people were my male former classmates SS and DC.

I wanted to avoid them so Bruce / I continued hiding, they did not know the other man, so I assume that they let him pass, or he sneaked around them.

My former classmate SS was on the right side of the bookshelves near the front, so I could not go that way.

My former classmate DC was on the left side walking past each row looking to see if anyone was there like they were trying to clear out people who were hiding / living outside of society/ homeless / whatever and / or like they were looking for Bruce / me so Bruce / I could not go that way either so Bruce / I was trapped.

My former classmate DC did not think that anyone was behind the last bookshelf where Bruce / I was hiding, so he barely walked behind it.

He turned around to walk away without noticing Bruce / I until he saw Bruce / me out the corner of his right eye.

Bruce / I quickly walked away, trying to avoid my former classmate DC, but he recognized Bruce / me.

He followed Bruce / me trying to stop Bruce / me, he would not stop, and he probably tried to physically stop Bruce / I.

He was going to warn my former classmate SS if he had not already, and so Bruce / I probably fought him and defeated him, which probably caused him to spawn somewhere else in the video game world.

I can not remember what happened between me and him exactly.

I do know that Bruce / I definitely fought my former classmate SS, the fighting was like in the video game EA Sports UFC 2, and my former classmate SS fought like the YouTuber DmanUnt2014.

Bruce / I fought more defensively and slower and less aggressive doing a lot of dodging, blocking, counter striking, quick clinch fighting, et cetera so Bruce / I would move it and attack and then move out to avoid attacks.

Eventually Bruce / I won the fight without taking much damage at all, my former classmate SS was gone now, and so Bruce / I had a chance to quickly grab my stuff and leave before they return.

Bruce / I really wanted to avoid my former classmates and be left alone.

Bruce / I missed the old times with them, but those days were passed and would probably never return.

I did not want to deal with how things are now and being let down, so I tried to avoid them.

So there was a feeling of sadness Bruce / I had let myself go mostly.

So he / I was not shaving or cutting his / my hair and he / I was just moving around homeless from place to place, avoiding society mostly.

There were other reasons as to why Bruce / I was mostly avoiding society like this, Bruce / I had mostly given up on life or at least human society, and so Bruce / I was just an empty shell of himself / myself.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 replies on “A Virtual Reality Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Fighting Video Game?”

Hello Moment,

Yeah, I think that this dream left me in a negative depressive mood for most of that day, but I got out of it after walking around outside listening to music for a long time until the song Golden Phone by Micachu & The Shapes started to play and that made me smile and laugh as I thought about the low budget goofy music video for that song.

My anxiety has been a bit better, a few days after watching those short videos I read the .PDF that went along with them from the website, but I have not been really actively applying or using the techniques much so I have mostly slipped back into my usual comfort / uncomfort zone only trying them sometimes.

It is a bit harder in my case because instead of thoughts it is more subconscious and feelings and reactions and routines et cetera that I have to deal with, which is harder than dealing with mostly thoughts, and I have not read the book (which I do not have) or watched the short videos again and read the PDF to memorize and better understand the techniques so that I can apply them more often and better.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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I’m not surprised this dream had that affect on you. I’m glad the song was able to bring you out of the funk. Music can be such great medicine. I’m finding if I put music on when I wake up and keep it on all day, my day is much happier.

I hope you can find the time to watch the videos some more and read the PDFs since they did help you some. I’d think your anxiety is like any illness in a way. Like even back pain. In order to heal you have to continuously stretch, exercise, swim, and stop heavy lifting. It is a lot of work, and daily effort, but the benefits usually pay off. If you are only a shell of yourself now, what have you really got to lose? What is the big fear holding you back? And is that outcome worse than perpetuating the life you’re living now?

I try to challenge myself in small ways. Maybe in my mind I compliment a person or engage a person. But normally I just have the thought and don’t speak out loud. I try to force myself to go ahead and speak. Even if my voice comes out as a whisper, or squeak, or constricted, or jarbled because I was so nervous I didn’t properly formulate the sentence. Most of the time the interaction ends up being positive regardless, Worse case scenario, the person kind of blows me off. But often my small comment/compliment makes a person smile. Which makes me smile. And this small interaction slightly breaks me out of my shell (or puts a crack in it), which makes it easier to say something next time.

Anyway, just thought I’d share a couple thoughts.

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Hello Moment,

I agree with you about music, I made a typo in my previous comment, I meant to type Micachu & The Shapes instead of Micacu. 😀

I will probably convert those videos to MP3s so that I can listen to them, that would be better for me, I did read the PDF but reading over it again would not hurt; but reading the book would probably be best, and so I probably should put a request for it at the library where I work.

Longer videos would be better though, I learn better by hearing and seeing and then doing with some in person guidance at first, but I am glad that they released some free content like that.

Thank you for sharing that Moment 🙂 .

-John Jr

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