Big Fish

What is it?

The 2003 American fantasy comedy-drama movie Big Fish.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

The story of a braggart and exaggerator, Edward Bloom, and his son, William, who–after a long estrangement–returns home only to learn his father is dying of cancer.

Desperate to know the complicated man before it’s too late, William sets out, trying to unravel fact from fiction.

Final Thoughts

I was at The BP Library working at my shelver job shelving some CDs (audio books) when I noticed one for the book Water For Elephants, that name seemed familiar, and I remember thinking that I had seen a movie based on this book starring the actor Robert Pattinson so when I got home I looked up the movie online.

I watched a trailer for it and it seemed somewhat familiar, like I had seen the trailer before, but not familiar enough to have seen the entire movie.

I knew that the actor Danny DeVito was in the movie that I was thinking of so I searched online to see if he was in the movie Water For Elephants and he was not and that movie was not old enough to be the movie that I was thinking of, and then I realized that I was thinking of the wrong movie so I looked at his filmography and I saw the movie that I was thinking of was called Big Fish.

There are some similarities between both movies so that confused me, I saw Big Fish once at a $1 movie theater years ago, and I think that the movie made me cry or almost cry so this movie is possibly in the short list of movies (especially live action movies) that have possibly made me cry or almost cry.

The end,

-John Jr

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