A School Takeover | A Strange Movie

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the video game Bully.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Trailer

The dream took place during the day at what was probably a private school, and there was a Jimmy Hopkins-like student who wanted to take over the school.

The boy had a takeover plan and one of the first things on that plan was to neutralize a large strong tough but not so smart Russell Northrop-like student from being a threat; and convert him into an ally that he could use as a henchman to beat-up and intimidate people for him.

The Jimmy Hopkins-like student began his plan by focusing on the Russell Northrop-like student first, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was strange and interesting and confusing and unclear, it seemed to be a dream that was obviously being made up as I dreamed.

So things kept changing here and there slowly in a noticeable way like daydreams and thoughts and the dream itself and other things were slowly inspiring the dream in real-time, but I did not realize that I was dreaming.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, the main character of the dream was a boy with light-color skin who was possibly a preteen or younger; and I just realized that the first dream and this dream were actually part of the same dream.

The first dream did not end, but it blended with this dream until it probably completely faded out; so the dream jumped back and forth between them in the same dream, sometimes at the same time.

This dream had several things going on, like the Bully part of the dream, parts involving the boy who was the main character of the second part of the dream.

Some things that he was experiencing and had experienced, thoughts, daydreams, et cetera.

Occasional video clips of a strange movie trailer, occasional video clips of the strange movie.

There is a possibility that I was somehow seeing and / or thinking about and / or dreaming about and / or daydreaming about all of this in the dream as well.

I am not sure, it is too confusing and unclear, and it jumped around between these various things constantly.

I am surprised that I did not realize that I was dreaming because this dream world was developing so slowly that you could somewhat realize this.

The trailer video clips and the movie video clips were for a strange psychological horror, maybe David Lynch-like movie.

That seemed to be slowly forming based on daydreams and thoughts and experiences and memories et cetera of the boy and the dream world.

Many of the video clips would feature some nudity and / or sex and / or sounds of sex in the background briefly.

This seemed to be there to set a certain strange mood that was possibly symbolic and was meant to go with the psychological aspects.

It seemed that the boy possibly had problems in his home life because something seemed to be bothering him throughout the dream.

It seemed that perhaps his mom would often have random men at their home who she would have sex with; because you would often hear and / or see a woman having sex with someone when the dream would show the boy at home.

Most of the nudity in the video clips were just background shots of naked woman: sun tanning, relaxing by a swimming pool, relaxing in a bathtub or shower, having sex, relaxing in a hot tub, relaxing in a sauna, maybe undressing, or just being naked for no clear reason; while relaxing in strange places like buildings and houses and stores et cetera.

When at home, the boy would sometimes be deep in thought, so perhaps he was shaping this dream world with his thoughts and daydreams.

Perhaps he was the one making the movie up as the dream went along.

There was a strange part of the dream that took place inside a house-like building where the boy and another boy were playing a game where possibly they had a skunk.

You could only make a certain number of moves, and you had to move the skunk or whatever to a certain part of the building before you ran out of moves.

This was video game-like, I remember them getting close to the location, but they were almost out of moves, or they ran out of moves.

One of the video clips of the trailer and / or movie took place inside a store.

There was a background shot of some naked women sitting down relaxing in chairs on an open multi-story structure, and one of the women looked like Kim Kardashian.

A male customer noticed the Kim Kardashian-like woman, he stopped, and he told someone that the woman looked like her.

He wondered if that was her, and maybe he made a comment about her looking good.

I wish that I could remember more about this movie trailer and the video clips from the movie.

The psychological and horror aspects were strange, and the nudity and sex that was almost always briefly featured in the back seemed symbolic and possibly represented things involving the boy’s mother.

There was definitely more to this dream, but I can not remember or make sense of it.

It is too unclear and confusing, and I already did a terrible job trying to describe it.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 replies on “A School Takeover | A Strange Movie”

Thank you Moment, what was even more strange is that it did not seem to be my dream and it did not even seem to be meant as a message to me, it was more like seeing someone else’s (whether the dream character’s or someone else’s) dream / daydream / thoughts / memories that were meant for them and I was just an observer somehow.

-John Jr

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Yeah, I noticed, which is interesting because sometimes True George and some others (like my brother GC back when he used to remember his dreams more often) and I seem to have dreams like that sometimes.

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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Thank you Helianta. 🙂

I think that I did a pretty bad job describing this strange and maybe somewhat surreal dream compared to my usual dream post, it was one of my off days and it was a difficult dream to type, but I am glad that maybe you could make some sense of it. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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