An Old-Style Aircraft Dogfight Ends In Disaster

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, my memory of this dream is too unclear, but I think that some of my family and I heard news about an attack.

The attack was possibly carried out by an airplane and / or helicopter, and maybe the military was responding to the situation and / or some old former soldiers (who were possibly part of a private security group or militia or they were just former soldiers who decided that they were going to try to help) decided to try to help even though that was illegal because the government / military had halted all normal flights until they resolve the situation.

As my family and I were inside the house learning about this news we heard an aircraft flying over our neighborhood, and we looked out the window to see an old-style fighter aircraft that probably had a propeller that was either the aircraft or one of the aircraft that had done the attack.

Then we saw another old-style fighter aircraft flying to stop the attacking fighter aircraft, and this aircraft was being flown by an old military veteran with light-color skin with white and / or gray hair who was part of the group of military veterans who decided to break the law and try to help by flying their old-style fighter aircraft to defend the country.

The two aircraft got into a dogfight over our neighborhood and house, eventually the military veteran’s aircraft got shot and he started trying to do an emergency crash landing, and while he was doing this the attacking aircraft tried to show-off and fly down super low to the ground taunting before trying to shoot down the military veteran’s aircraft before it could crash-land.

The attacking aircraft flew down toward the street in front of my parent’s house and it was going to try to fly over The B House where our neighbors across the street from us live, but something went wrong I guess and the attacking aircraft did not pull up in time so it crashed into The B House at the front entrance and it exploded and so did most of the house.

Then there was fire and dark smoke, we watched from the window in shock and horror and this seemed pretty real, and then we went to call emergency services.

We assumed that the pilot and our neighbors across the street at The B House were probably dead, I could not see if the military veteran had successfully crash landed his aircraft or not, but I woke up.

When I woke up in the real world I heard real military aircraft flying over the house and neighborhood, the military was really doing training exercises for most of the day, and so I assume that my sleeping mind heard those sounds and made a dream about them even though I was sleep and had no idea that this was going on in the real world.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a bit like a comedy post-apocalyptic movie that took place during the day, oddly the world did not seem destroyed or bad, but for some reason people were splitting up into survival groups like something major had happened.

I was with a group of people who were possibly at a house or building, the leader of our group was a man with light-color skin, but another group attacked our group and they took our leader because they wanted our leader as their leader so we had to pick a new leader who was like a nicer weaker version of the character Rick Grimes from the television show The Walking Dead.

Then another group attacked our group again, they took our new leader because they wanted our leader as their leader, and so we had to pick another leader for the second time so our new leader was once again a kind man with light-color skin.

This dream was only somewhat serious, it was mostly comedic, for some reason all the other survival groups kept wanting to take our leaders; I guess we had the best selection of leaders so other groups kept attacking us to steal our leaders.

We seemed to be at the beginning of things before we could get proper weapons and armor and defenses et cetera and like we had all just met, and so we were not yet ready to defend against surprise attacks like this.

We got attacked for a third time, this time by a single male sniper who we could hear but we probably could not see, and he wanted to steal our third and newest leader.

He told us to send our leader to a field nearby and he left, our leader did not want any of us to die so he said that he would go to the field, but we were tired of getting attacked so we grabbed random objects as weapons and we walked with our leader to the field.

Once in the field something happened that I can not remember that caused our leader to join us and try to fight the sniper, and so we charged across the field toward the direction where we heard the sniper even though we could not see him so that we could attack him but we started getting shot at by more snipers.

The sniper from earlier was not alone, he was actually part of a small group of snipers who were hiding and they had us almost surrounded, and they were moving around using underground tunnels so that they could pop-up around the field to snipe at us with warning shots to scare us.

There was a comedic moment when it was taking a long time for the snipers to move like maybe they were trying to dig a new tunnel to reach a certain area, and so my group stopped our charge to avoid getting shot.

Our leader did not want any of us to die so he was going to surrender to the sniper group, but then a new group attacked both of our groups.

This new group was a strange group, I remember mentioning a strange woman or strange women, but I can not remember what was strange about them and I can not remember if the group was all women or just mostly women.

This third group also wanted our leader, their surprise attack on both of our groups gave them the advantage, and so our leader surrendered and they took him and they left.

The sniper group and our group just stood there looking stupid, another comedic moment, and then maybe our groups started to walk away in defeat together like maybe we were join together to defend ourselves from future attacks.

Now we needed to pick a new leader again, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside in my parent’s yard when I saw a man and a woman with light-color skin who reminded me of two regular patrons at The BP Library where I work who were walking up the alley by our pet cages, and they walked into our yard talking.

Eventually I remember us being inside my parent’s house in the bedroom of my brothers KDC and TDC, and slowly more people started to arrive at the house to talk and eat et cetera and maybe some of them brought food for everyone.

My mom was there and my brothers KDC and TDC were there but my brothers KDC and TDC were little kids again oddly, and some of the people who arrived were some of my coworkers at The BP Library like my supervisor Mrs. JM and my coworker Mrs. M.

Some people were in that bedroom, some were in the dinning room, some were in the living room, and some were in the kitchen.

I remember my mom being in the kitchen sometimes as I looked in the refrigerator and freezer for some food, there had been two large trays of desserts in the freezer, but they were gone and I could not find them so I started to ask around to see if anyone knew where they went.

I remember carrying a baby boy while I did this but I am not sure if the baby was one of my brothers or if it was my nephew CC or who the baby was or who the baby was for, no one seemed to know where the desserts went, but then I found one of them in the living room on the brown wooden table that used to be in there and either my brother KDC or TDC had it.

I asked my brother why did he not tell me that he had one of them when I asked, he claimed to not have put it there or known, but I did not believe him so I was a bit annoyed and angry.

I wanted to complain some more but my supervisor and other people were there, so I felt a bit self-conscious suddenly, and so I stayed calm and gave up lecturing my brother.

My supervisor Mrs. JM was watching this from the dinning room table where she was sitting and eating with other people like my coworker Mrs. M and she was smiling like she thought that it was funny, and like she enjoyed seeing how I act at home where I am more comfortable and more myself.

I took the dessert tray back to the freezer and I went to find the other one, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

What is it?

Here is a YouTube video called Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer] by Mathilde:

Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]