Waiting On Iggy Azalea & Losing My Clothes

This dream started during the evening or night or early morning when it was still dark, and I remember being inside a one-story building that was in a long parking lot across from a field that was near a street that leads to the former F Baptist Church building and some fictional alleyways that have been in some past dreams.

There were other people inside the building like an event was going to take place, a man with medium-to-dark color skin who was possibly a music video director / filmmaker / whatever arrived, and he started setting up his equipment like he was going to start filming a music video or movie or something like that.

Some of the people among the crowd were actors and actresses and models et cetera who were going to be part of whatever the filmmaker was about to start filming, and I remember the filmmaker asking for volunteers.

The filmmaker asked me if I wanted to volunteer but I probably politely declined, and then he started taking photographs and short video of some of the people who were going to be part of his project.

Everyone was waiting on the musician Iggy Azalea to arrive, I assume that the filmmaker was going to be making a music video with her in it and / or he would film her concert or something like that, but I am not sure but I do know that Iggy Azalea seemed to be the main event so things could not start without her.

As everyone was waiting and setting things up more people arrived slowly, including some celebrities like the basketball player Dennis Rodman, and I was standing near the entrance door when Mr. Rodman entered the building so I greeted him.

Mr. Rodman greeted me back and we briefly had a conversation, he acted like he assumed that we had met before but he could not remember so he seemed to be pretending to remember me so he treated me like a friend, and at some point after our conversation the dream transitioned outside.

Now the outside looked different and it looked like my parent’s yard on the side of the yard near the field, and Mrs. Azalea lived in a multi-story house on the other side of the street that The E House is on across from our new neighbors.

We heard a woman yell: “Iggy Azalea we / I love you!” so we looked toward Mrs. Azalea’s house to see a female fan of hers who looked somewhat like the actress Shannyn Sossamon who had an acoustic guitar and she started singing and playing the guitar from the yard or street in front of Mrs. Azalea’s house as Mrs. Azalea and a female friend of hers with light-color skin with long yellow hair watched from an upper floor open window and you could see the light from the room that they were in.

Mrs. Azalea and her friend smiled and waved and thanked the woman and they encouraged her, and then she yelled to us to let us know that she would be ready soon and she looked forward to the event or whatever.

The dream possibly transitioned again so the outside area now looked like it did before with a parking lot, we were still waiting and more people arrived including my former male classmate JC and his wife YC, and my former classmate JC looked confident and cool and he was wearing a manly long sleeve-shirt or sweater with blue jeans and his outfit looked manly but stylish and he looked very fit like he has been exercising.

This made me look at what I was wearing and it made me think about myself and my life in comparison to him and his life, this brought up some questions in my mind, and I remember greeting them and briefly talking with them before walking away alone to think about these things to myself.

It was dark and quiet as I walked toward the former F Baptist Church building to walk through the fictional alleyways, which looked a bit dangerous, but I was feeling a bit of the need to show off some manliness to not be out-done by my former classmate JC so I walked through the alleyways pretty confidently and ready to defend myself if necessary.

The alleyways were interesting with low and high and normal areas, some with steps and some that were like ramps, and there were twists and turns and the tall buildings on both sides blocked your view of anything else except part of the sky and they were narrow.

There was no one else in this area fortunately so I was able to walk and think to myself, I stayed on alert though because these alleyways looked like the perfect place to ambush people, and at some point I left the alleyways to walk back to the event or past it to go home (which was possibly a college dorm or apartment along a street that was like a slightly fictional version of M Street in the city of LC).

The dream transitioned again either as I walked past or through the event, and now I was walking along the left side of a familiar street that was like a fictional version of M Street in the city of LC and this seemed like a fictional LC-like city and I was walking home or to the park first before going home.

I knew this area and I knew shortcuts to get into the park which was possibly supposed to be closed now but I am not sure, and I knew that maybe you had to pay to enter the park or the park had various things that you could pay for in it so there were workers and park ranger-like people who worked there managing the park and selling things et cetera.

Things were getting brighter slowly like it was early morning so the darkness was slowly going away, I then realized that I was naked and my clothes from earlier were missing, but I could not remember what happened to them or what had happened before this other than when I was walking away from the alleyways.

So I took a shortcut to avoid being seen by people driving on the street and I sneaked into the park hoping to find some clothes or something to cover myself until I could get home, fortunately almost no one was around and the park was either supposed to be closed or almost no one should be there at this time, and I remember things being even brighter now so the sun was rising now.

The park looked nice, I remember ponds and rivers and ducks et cetera as I sneaked around trying to find something to cover myself, unfortunately I was not seeing anything that I could use and time was running out.

To my surprise I found a bald male park ranger-like worker with dark-color skin wearing a tan uniform who was standing outside a small wooden building where you could buy things from, and so I hid behind a bush while asking him if he had any clothes that I could buy and I explained my situation to him.

He told me that he had a shirt and some pants for sale in his booth or whatever, but he was not sure if he had any men’s underwear but he did have some women’s underwear for sale in his booth.

I told him that I would not wear women’s underwear so he went to look for some men’s underwear, and he found maybe a backup pair of his own probably new underwear that he probably never worn because it was just at his job in case of emergencies that he would probably give me for free if I bought the shirt and pants.

I did not like the idea of using someone else’s underwear even if they were possibly never worn, but I did not want to be underwearless on my trip back home so I accepted the offer.

My wallet was missing but oddly I still had my mobile phone so I asked him if I could pay for the shirt and pants online, he said yes, and so I asked him for the website address and he gave it to me so I used my phone to buy them online because I did not have my wallet.

After doing this the man gave me the shirt and underwear and I thanked him, but he had to go find the pants, so I stood there waiting wearing only a shirt and some underwear but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

6 replies on “Waiting On Iggy Azalea & Losing My Clothes”

Hello True George,

Normally I would never do that, even in the dream I did not want to do that, but I just did not want to be underwearless during my trip back home and I think that the only reason that I went through with it is because I think that he said that was a new pair of underwear that he had bought that was never worn and it was just at his job in case of emergencies.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Yep, better safe than sorry, I definitely would not do what I did in the dream unless it was an emergency. 😀

I still wonder what happened to my clothes in this dream, and why could I not even remember in the dream itself? 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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