Experimental Creatures Attack A Private School / College And Fighting Mafias?

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by episode 1 (Chapter One: MADMAX) of season 2 of the television show Stranger Things that I watched on Netflix last night before going to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place late in the afternoon at a private school / college-like campus where I either worked and / or attended as a college student, it was near a dock-like area I think but I could be wrong so there was possibly water and walking bridges and docks that you had to cross to reach some college dorms and / or apartments on the other side of the assumed water, and this area felt like it was partly inspired by the MS University Apartment-style Dorms area in the city of LC.

The campus was gated (fenced in) with British crossing guard-like people controlling the gates and the rest of the campus was guarded and patrolled by high-end armed security guards and some of them had submachine guns (maybe Heckler & Koch MP5-like guns) oddly; and so this campus had a strangely high-level of security for a private school / college.

The school-like areas had mostly young students but maybe it went up until 12th grade, and at some point I remember being in the school area helping / working with some other adults helping inside a strange-looking classroom where they had two train track-like areas with some roller coaster-like things separating the classroom into three parts.

There were various areas set up with different experiments and activities et cetera for the students to do, almost like a science fair combined with something else, and on the left side of the room were some offices with large glass windows and one of the rooms belonged to the police characters Jim Hopper and Phil Callahan and Calvin Powell from Stranger Things.

Among the students I saw several of the child characters from Stranger Things like the characters Lucas SinclairDustin Henderson, and Mike Wheeler.

At some point something happened where maybe some experimental creatures got released somehow, two were humanoid ape-like creatures (Bigfoot-like), two were another strange non-human animal humanoid type that I can not remember, and the rest if there were any were weaker less intelligent non-human animal creatures who probably walked on all-fours.

They were probably small and young and harmless at first, but they somehow grew rapidly and the humanoid types got smarter as they grew very rapidly, and they grew and got so smart fast that it was too late to lock them up again when they became dangerous.

The smartest and worst were the two Bigfoot-like creatures, they got taller and stronger and larger than a human and smarter and smarter as they continued to grow, and they decided to attack, and they did not want to be locked up, and they did not want to be experiments I assume.

They were too big and tough and smart for us to deal with, and so I locked one of the Bigfoot-like creatures in an office to give the others time to evacuate because there was chaos now and the alarm went off and security were evacuating the building while fighting the creatures.

Jim Hopper and the other two police officers were in the office next to the creature that I locked up, and so they were going to fight it once it breaks out which would not be long because they were large and strong.

I felt that we did not stand much of a chance, so I ran to evacuate with the others while we still could because the creatures were going to become more and more dangerous as they grew, and so I ran for my life.

As I ran the creature that I locked up was probably almost busted out of the office, and so Jim Hopper and the other police were about to shoot it.

I heard security guards shooting their submachine guns and maybe I saw and heard some creatures getting shot or dodging bullets, it seemed that their weapons would possibly not be enough to stop the creatures, but I am not sure I just know that the situation felt mostly hopeless to me so evacuating was the best option to me.

I reached the outside as I ran through the panic and fighting and shooting, the British-like crossing guards were controlling the gates to let us out, and a female crossing guard-like employee with light-color skin with long curly brown hair let me out of the gate.

I ran for my life feeling a bit devastated by what I had seen and heard and that I ran instead of staying to fight, and I felt bad for the security and anyone left behind.

I slowed down as I crossed the dock-like area, I was a bit traumatized and I looked down with my eyes open having flashbacks and thinking about what just happened, and I possibly thought about if I should turn around to make sure that all the students and teachers et cetera had evacuated safely.

Going back would probably be suicide, I hoped that the creatures did not escape the campus because then many more people would die, but I woke up as I thought about this while being partly traumatized.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the daytime (maybe slightly darker than usual), probably over several days / weeks / et cetera, and I was working at my former job (scanner I assume) at The L Binding Service again which was still open but it looked different with maybe a strange upper floor that was for the owners and maybe managers et cetera and it was possibly in a different location in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

The other normal employees and me worked on a fictional left side of the building, the main entrance that is on the right side of the building was for higher-level employees and customers, and so we never got to go into the right side of the building the entire dream oddly.

In the dream I would go to work each day, one day the company had moved to a new location where The D Youth Baseball Field should be by W Park, and the building looked different again with a strange smaller almost water tank shaped black upper floor that was for the owners and maybe some high-level employees.

A news report by a female journalist with light-color skin with long light-to-medium hair wearing a maybe tan female suit with dress skirt was being done about the new building or something like that, I was driving by with a fictional male coworker of mine as this new report was going on, and this part of the dream felt a bit video game-like.

We both had not been to the new building yet probably and I remember commenting about the strange shape of the upper floor, and how we never got to go into the right side of the building or the upper floor since we worked there.

We were probably going to go to work in the new building very soon, on the right side of the field where The D And T Snow Cone Stand should be was a small narrow 3 or 4 story tower-like building that was possibly a restaurant where people could sit on the 1st floor and outside and on the top floor that had a balcony but the other floors were not used because there was nothing on those floors except for maybe the supports for the building and maybe some stairs and / or an elevator or something but I can not remember and I could be wrong about this.

There were people eating and talking et cetera at the tower-like building, but we noticed mafia-like men attacking some rich-like men and some other people, so we drove over to the tower to stop the attack.

My fictional male coworker was the type of person who loved to fight, so he was happy and ready, and he was not cautious like me, and he was very aggressive, and he looked for any excuse to fight and this was a good excuse to fight.

We parked the automobile and we ran into the tower-like restaurant to help, my coworker attacked the first mafia member he saw who was attacking someone, and after defeating him he took his metal baseball bat that the mafia member had as a weapon (a lot of the mafia members seemed to have metal and wood baseball bats oddly).

For some odd reason the employees and the other customers at the restaurant were mostly trying to ignore the fighting almost like it was not happening, this was strange to me, but I assumed that they were afraid of the mafia, and so they did not want to get involved.

I fought next and I took a wooden baseball bat from the mafia member who(m) I defeated, I wanted a metal baseball bat, and so I was a bit disappointed, but I was happy to have a weapon now.

We reached the top floor where a mafia member was attacking a rich-looking man on the balcony, and my coworker went to help the rich man, and he defeated the mafia man.

While my coworker was celebrating his victory the rich man was about to attack him from behind with the metal baseball bat that he picked up from the defeated mafia man, and so I defeated the rich man by stopping his attack and pushing him off the tower, so I assume that he died or was seriously injured when he hit the ground below.

I now had a metal baseball bat, so I was happy, we now realized that some or all of the rich-looking men were possibly mafia members too, and so maybe they were a rival mafia group, so we assumed that there were two mafia groups fighting each other and maybe the other people getting attacked were possibly customers who tried to help.

So now we were going to assume that the rich-looking people were threats too, and we would attack them too if they tried to attack us.

This made my coworker happy because now he had even more people to fight, and so he was really enjoying all of this action.

We were on the upper floor now and so there were probably not many people left to fight, but I woke up before we could finish defeating all the threats.

The end,

-John Jr

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