Gillian Anderson’s House Area

English: Gillian Anderson presenting the movie Viceroy's House at the Berlinale 2017
Deutsch: Gillian Anderson bei der Vorstellung des Films Viceroy's House auf der Berlinale 2017
File:MJK32966 Gillian Anderson (Viceroy’s House, Berlinale 2017).jpg

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe a technology trade show was going on.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not.

I remember seeing a presentation that was taking place in a dark room on a stage with theater curtains, with a light focused on the area where the presenter and actors were.

The presenter and the actors were all men with light-color skin, the presenter had a microphone, and the actors were lined up horizontally behind him poising.

At some point, the presenter gave the microphone to the main actor so that he could say his lines, probably a slogan or something like that.

The actor completely messed up his lines, and it was very embarrassing and awkward.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night at what I will assume was a fictional version of my parent’s house.

I remember walking outside into the fictional backyard because I possibly saw and / or heard something.

The yard possibly had two fenced in areas, with one area in the back and one on the right side of the house.

I saw a loose pig, probably a male pig that was probably loosely based on the pot-bellied pig that my parents have, walking around the yard.

So I went to try to tie it back up in the fenced inside part of the yard.

There was a metal cable (wire rope) above the yard that crossed the back fenced in area and the side area.

So I was going to try to tie the pig to that after tying it to another rope first, so it could move up and down that cable.

I would adjust the rope so that the pig could not enter the backyard.

The pig probably was avoiding me at first as it walked around enjoying its freedom while trying to find something to eat.

Eventually I managed to get a rope tied to it, then I lured it to the side yard, and then I tied the rope to the cable so that it could not reach the backyard.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on an upper floor of a nice modern multi-story multipurpose building that had offices and a college and who knows what else inside of it; and I was inside this building.

My memory of this dream is messed up, and it is confusing and unclear.

Some things that I saw were possibly flashbacks and / or this dream took place over different periods of time.

So, some parts involved the college area, some parts involved the office areas where I saw the actress Gillian Anderson at one point.

There was a hallway that went through the office areas and there was an office meeting room / house area where I saw Mrs. Anderson, and she was standing against the back wall in the small house area where there were windows that gave you a nice view of the outside.

In front of the house area were chairs for meetings with maybe a podium at the front, and Mrs. Anderson was waiting on some business-like people so that they could have a meeting about a future project and / or something.

The house area was small and simple and was at the back of the room, there was at least one couch, perhaps a couch bed, at least one table, some other furniture, et cetera; so, it was like a small hotel or apartment room at the back of an office meeting room.

I was probably on my way to the college parts of the building, and so I walked through the hallway past and / or through Mrs. Anderson’s room.

Later in the dream in another time period I assume, I think that I was walking through this floor of the building again when I saw and heard three young people with light-color skin sitting down talking about Mrs. Anderson.

One of them was a young man and the other two were young women, with one of them having short yellow hair.

They were possibly part of a radio program or podcast that was possibly being led by the young woman with short yellow hair, but I am not sure.

At some point the young woman with short yellow hair said that she met Mrs. Anderson perhaps two or three times before, she possibly interviewed her once, but I am not sure; and she said that Mrs. Anderson was unpleasant each time that she met her.

The three young people were fans of The X-Files and of Mrs. Anderson as an actress, but the young woman was not a fan of Mrs. Anderson as a person after those experiences.

She claimed that several other people she knows who have met Mrs. Anderson also had negative experiences with her and had negative things to say about her personality and how she treated them.

The conversation moved on to whether Mrs. Anderson was getting royalty payments (from the X-Files I assume, but I am not sure) or not and how much if she was, and the three young people argued about this.

After this argument, they moved on to the topic of the house area in the office meeting-like room, and they said that it belonged to Mrs. Anderson.

They claimed that the house area was given to Mrs. Anderson to use whenever she is in this city for meetings or visits or vacation et cetera, but they said that she did not use it much.

When she did, it was usually just for meetings and to relax and maybe get some sleep after a long flight and when passing through the city on vacation or something.

I then started to walk to the college area, and I was going to glance at Mrs. Anderson’s house area to see if she was there or not.

If she was there, I would tell the young people, but she was not there this time; and most of her own furniture in her house area was gone except for the furniture that was already there like someone had moved it out recently.

I decided that I would tell the young people this once I finish doing whatever I was going to do in the college area, and then I walked to the college area.

As I was walking toward some stairs and / or a hallway I noticed a row of small humanoid statues that looked strange, I stopped to look at them to see if they were alive.

Then I realized that they were probably children wearing statue costumes who were pretending to be statues to surprise someone and / people.

I possibly saw some adults further back who were not wearing costumes, and for some reason I assumed that they were waiting to surprise Mrs. Anderson as part of a birthday surprise party; but I am not sure why I assumed this.

I smiled, I continued walking past them, and then maybe something strange happened, or I daydreamed this.

Furthermore, I think that some business-like people were in the office areas like they were getting ready for possibly another meeting with Mrs. Anderson or with someone else.

Then possibly poor people from the college area near or with the assumed children dressed as statues started to run and attack the office area to attack the rich, I assume.

I am not sure if this really happened or if this was a daydream or if this was a prank or if this was a flashback or what it was.

Then perhaps the assumed children dressed as statues or small statue humanoids if they were not children in costumes like I assumed and the adults if there were any, started to move toward the office area; and I assumed that they were going to Mrs. Anderson’s house area to set up her assumed birthday surprise party.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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