A Disclaimer & A Meeting? | Signing Up For College

I got real tired last night before I was finished doing everything that I wanted so I took a nap on the living room couch, I slept longer than expected and I got up still wanting a bit more rest so I laid on top of my bed to take a quick nap, but once again I accidentally slept longer than expected so then I got in bed official at 4: Something AM.

I did not save any of my dreams during that time and as I slept I woke up from various dreams and I went back to sleep each time continuing some dreams and / or having dreams that were so similar that it is unclear if they were continuation dreams or not.


The United States Of Languages: An Analysis Of Duolingo Usage State-By-State

The Making Duolingo Blog has an interesting article about their analysis of some of last year’s language learning patterns on Duolingo that I read called The United States Of Languages: An Analysis Of Duolingo Usage State-By-State:

It was nice of Duolingo to release that data because it is interesting learning about some of the language learning patterns on Duolingo, I was able to predict some of the outcomes, but some of the data surprised me.

The end,

-John Jr