A Disclaimer & A Meeting? | Signing Up For College

I got real tired last night before I was finished doing everything that I wanted so I took a nap on the living room couch, I slept longer than expected and I got up still wanting a bit more rest so I laid on top of my bed to take a quick nap, but once again I accidentally slept longer than expected so then I got in bed official at 4: Something AM.

I did not save any of my dreams during that time and as I slept I woke up from various dreams and I went back to sleep each time continuing some dreams and / or having dreams that were so similar that it is unclear if they were continuation dreams or not.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is there was something about a company or organization or something with a name that possibly sounded like something that has an advantage, and maybe they were supposed to be having a meeting but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is being outside and walking to a fictional area that was like a combination of the area where The R Trailer used to be with a fictional field-like area at the back of The E House, and my uncle JE was there and then my uncle CE showed up and then my male cousin ME (my uncle CE’s son) showed up like maybe we were supposed to be meeting here or something.

I remember us talking and doing various things that I can not remember other than there being a working arcade machine in the field with a sports video game that could support two players and my cousin ME was playing it and I was going to try to play the video game with him, and then I remember helping my uncle CE with some kind of motor-like thing that he was trying to crank by pulling a cord like a lawn mower or something.

The motor-like thing was not cranking so I tried it a few times without luck, my uncle CE took it apart partly and put it back together, but it still did not work so I think that we were not going to be able to go fishing now so we left shortly after this going in different directions.

At some point I decided to go visit my uncle CE who lived in a fictional slightly raised area that was like a fictional combination of a fictional version of The DY Baseball Fields and a fairground-like place stands and a small apartment complex where he lived with his wife RE (my aunt by law).

There was a fence and gate separating the apartment complex from the other two areas so I entered the gate, and then I went to the apartment which was probably a one-story building or several.

Somehow I knew where my uncle CE stayed and I probably had false memories of this place, I knocked on his door and he was surprised to see me, and he let me inside and we talked and he showed me somethings that he has been working on and some things that he bought et cetera.

The apartment was pretty dark which is normal for him and at some point my aunt RE (his wife) entered the house wearing maybe a yellow or yellow-green shirt, it was so dark that I could not really see her, but I greeted her as aunt RE and I gave her a hug.

I told my aunt RE about some of the things that my uncle CE and I talked about et cetera, and then I said goodbye and I left.

Outside I saw several women leaving the gate to the fairground-like area which is where I went, I noticed that the end of the baseball field was near the side of the fence, and I noticed an unsecured area that led to the back of one of the fields with a raised area near it with a bench and / or table that people could sit at so I walked over for a closer look.

There was a man with light-color skin sitting on a bench in the raised area so I stopped, and I remembered a false memory from years ago back when I was probably in junior high school.

In this false memory some of my former classmates like my former male classmates SW and EW and a few others and maybe one or two of my cousins and me were supposed to meet up to have a meeting like we were trying to form a group for something (maybe Esperanto which would make no sense because I did not know about it then, but I am not sure what it was about), and my former classmates EW and SW were trying to avoid our former schoolmate MH for some reason.

We possibly had to cross the fairground-like area to reach the meeting location and some of us had to avoid our former schoolmate MH who was possibly in the area, and not enough people showed up for the meeting or had interest so we gave up on that idea.

After thinking about this false memory I thought about how in the current time period there were rumors that my former schoolmate was involved with illegal drugs and / or something else for some dangerous people, and so it was recommended to avoid him and I heard that he owed the dangerous people some money and / or drugs and / or something so they were looking for him according to the rumor.

I then walked home and on my way up the street that The E House is on I noticed to dangerous-looking men standing outside the house where my former schoolmate MH used to live, in real life this house was demolished about 2 years ago, and they seemed to be looking for and waiting on my former schoolmate MH.

One of the men was a bald tall large obese man with dark-color skin with a huge t-shirt with probably a pistol underneath it, and the other man was a short man dressed somewhat like Michael “Crocodile” Dundee who slightly reminded me of a dangerous version of the actor John Leguizamo with a sheathed knife at his side.

I walked by them hoping that they would not notice me or ask me about my former schoolmate MH so I smiled at them nervously and I waved and I said hello, they just stared at dangerously and maybe they nodded their heads up as a sign of hello or what’s up, and kept walking hoping that they would not say anything or follow me.

I reached my parent’s street and they had not followed me yet, so I felt some relief, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had a variety of dreams that each contained a disclaimer(?) document that was signed by a doctor and was notarized that stated that the people with this disclaimer(?) are verified by a doctor to have a certain medical / mental condition / disability that may limit them in some ways and may cause them to act in certain ways, and this was meant to help those suffering from that or those things to possibly help protect them in various situations involving the police / government / workplaces / other people et cetera to hopefully exempt them from punishment if the condition(s) cause them to do something illegal et cetera and to let people know of their possible disabilities.

This disclaimer(?) did not guarantee that you will be protected, it was just a notice and recommendation, but they hoped that the police / government / people / et cetera would abide by it.

I was possibly one of the people who had this disclaimer(?), depending on the dream, and this was in each of those dreams.

Some of these dream also involved some things from some of the previous dreams, the forgotten ones and the one that I do remember part of, but I can only remember part of the end of the last of these dreams.

The end of the last of these dreams took place during the night at a school / college campus, I was there with my mom and my brother GC but I am not sure if my dad was there or not, and I think that my brother GC was trying to get signed up at the college.

I remember us walking around until we got separated at some point, I found my brother GC at some point and we joined back up to walk somewhere, and when we walked outside the building a young man with dark-color skin with short black hair stopped and stared at us like he was waiting on us to recognize him.

I did not recognize him so I asked him if he was one of our cousins or something, he smiled and laughed, but I can not remember if he said yes or not (probably).

We briefly said a few more things before saying goodbye, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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