My Former Classmate Jeff And Walking Through A Catholic Church

The end of this dream or my last dream was forgotten as I made my way to the living room to voice record it, but I do remember part of the rest of the dream or part of the dream before it.

This dream was possibly partly inspired by a video that I watched before going to sleep called Pope Gets Special-Edition Lamborghini:

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day, and I was walking through a neighborhood in the city of D that my dad calls The Old Hs where my great-aunt HC lives.

At some point I met a former male classmate who looked familiar but I could not remember his name, he had light-color skin but his hair was cut shorter and it was dyed a highlighted yellow color which is not how his hair used to look back in school, and now he reminded me of my former male classmate MB so I asked him if he was MB but he said no.

He then told me that his name was Jeff which possibly still did not seem correct to me, he probably made a joke about me forgetting his name, and then we walked and talked toward the highway and we walked along the right side of the highway in the direction of the new F Baptist Church building almost near the outskirts of the city in a field on the right side of the highway.

Along the way I started to notice more and more people walking in the same direction, including some of our former classmates like our former male classmate LT, and we all ended up walking inside a fictional Catholic Church where the F Baptist Church should be in the field on the right side of the highway.

The crowd of people and us walked through the church but I have no idea where we were going, my conversation moved to me talking with my former male classmate LT, and somehow he was wearing a priest’s outfit now (probably what a Bishop might wear) that was probably a fancy cassock with a fancy tall miter hat which I assume he found in the church.

I remember us passing maybe the main church area and I remember seeing one or more male priests in one or more areas, and I remember us walking through hallways that seemed to be leading down a slope like we were possibly going underground.

I think that I possibly needed to urinate so maybe I tried to find a bathroom along the hallways, and the next thing that I remember could have been another dream or it could have been part of this dream but I am not sure which so I will type it as part of this dream even though it does not make sense.

The next thing that I remember is being outside in my parent’s yard next to the house in the back yard where the weight bench and weights should be, but there was a toilet and sink there instead of the weight bench and weights.

I decided to urinate in the toilet but I noticed that the toilet was set at a bad angle that caused the toilet seat to keep trying to fall so I had to hold it up as I tried to urinate, and then I noticed that the toilet had some nasty stuff on it including a long piece of human feces on the front edge of the toilet tip that perfectly curved with it.

This disgusted me so I had to try to urinate while holding the toilet seat while trying to avoid the nasty stuff, after I finished urinated I used some toilet tissue to try to clean the toilet and to push the feces back in the toilet, and then I flushed it and I washed my hands in the sink still disgusted by all of this.

But either I woke up and then went back to sleep and had another dream or the dream continued, either way I woke up again remembering this part of the dream or this dream, but as I did various things on my way to the living room to voice record it I ended up forgetting it unfortunately.

After waking up I still felt that Jeff was not the correct name of that former male classmate, but I could not remember his name but eventually I remembered his name and I checked my high school yearbook and I was correct; his real name is BJ, and so I have no idea why he gave me the wrong name in my dream or why my mind gave him the wrong name.

The end,

-John Jr

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