Body Swap / Fusion / Possession & Parasites? | Stealing Dennis Rodman’s Championship Ring?

Some of Lost Truth’s dream recall techniques proved too useful, I remembered too many dream details and I got overwhelmed with trying to make sense of it all while also dealing with my overwhelmed daily schedule.

I did not type the dream fragments like I normally do, but I am typing them now in hopefully a less detailed way to save time, or I will end up missing another day just trying to type these dreams and my most recent dreams while trying to catch up with my once again overwhelmed daily schedule.

These dream fragments are too confusing and complex, so I am not sure what order they go in, if it is two or more dreams (the first three dream fragments were probably part of the same dream).

At which points was I myself or if someone else was in my body or if I was in someone else’s body or if several of us were sharing a body.

So I will type overviews of dream fragments randomly, so expect missing details and confusion and errors.

Ric Flair Woo On A Loop – If You want To Be The Man…

The dream fragments with the natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural and / or alien worm-like parasites were probably inspired by Stranger Things (Season 2).

Dream Fragment 1

My hopefully less detailed overview of this dream fragment involved at least two brothers with light-color skin with short brown hair, one was a teenager and the other was a boy, and the younger brother had a mental disability of some kind.

There may have been some more siblings and children with them, but I can not remember.

I am not sure if they were at home alone or if they were at school, but I do know that they were inside a building.

The younger brother had a cut or something on his hand or arm, and I remember him noticing something strange that moved around the room very quickly.

It hid behind something, he was not sure if he had imagined it or not, but it looked like some kind of large strange natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural and / or alien maybe green and / or blue worm-like parasite-like creature.

I think that he was going to tell his older brother, but the creature jumped out of hiding.

It went into his cut, which made no sense because it was too large, but somehow it did, and after that happened he probably did not tell his older brother.

His older brother started to notice more of the worm-like parasite-like creatures, they were even larger, and they ended up escaping the creatures and / or stopping them, but I can not remember.

I just know that the older brother did not know that one was inside his younger brother, and they did not think that anyone would believe them.

So they never told anyone about that day, and there was a time jump to the future when the younger brother was a teenager and the older brother was either out of school or almost out of school.

The younger brother was acting strange, this had probably gone on since the creature when inside him those years ago, and the older brother had noticed this.

He started to wonder if it was something more than just his younger brother’s mental disability, and maybe he started to realize that it had something to do with the day that they saw the creatures.

The younger brother was starting to act more dangerous and was harder to control now, the older brother was keeping an eye on him and feared that he might hurt someone, and he probably asked his younger brother about the day that they saw the creatures.

He still did not tell him about how one of the creatures went inside of him.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 2

All that I can remember of this dream fragment is that there was a multipurpose indoor and outdoor area and a college.

The multipurpose outdoor area was on the other side of a field from the college, and it had outdoor booths and stores and fairground-like area et cetera.

The multipurpose indoor areas had various stores and recreational and maybe even some college-like areas and a shopping mall / center.

The earlier parts of the dream involved each of these areas, but I can not remember the details.

I just remember being on the upper floor of a college dorm with most of my brothers who were probably younger, and our building was next to a wall near a sidewalk.

This was a gated part of the college with a male overweight security guard with dark-color skin with short black hair wearing a blue security guard uniform while sitting in a security box / booth controlling who enters and leaves.

The back of our dorm room on the upper floor, our room had at least two floors, they were small and narrow like several people shared this same building that was divided up evenly like this with each part being walled off from the others.

The back of our room had a balcony-like area that was connected to a bridge-like area that you could walk across, and each balcony-like area had its own lockable gate with chain.

Lock to block off people from the bridge going on to your balcony-like area or porch.

Something happened that I can not remember where some threats, possibly the same creatures from the first dream fragment, but I am not sure, attacked our dorm forcing us to escape.

I did not want the security guard to know for some reason that I can not remember, so we decided to sneak to avoid him seeing us.

I had my brothers flee from one area while I locked down our dorm and the balcony gate to hopefully contain the threats.

I sneaked to catch up with my brothers outside the walls without the security guard noticing anything strange.

We escaped successfully, and we probably wanted to warn others.

We probably did not think that people would believe us and some other things that I can not remember, and so I am not sure what we were going to do.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 3

This dream fragment possibly involved some body swapping and / or fusion of two or more people and / or possession where one or more people possessed other bodies somehow and / or something confusing and complex like that.

So I am not sure when or if I was myself at various points or how many of us were possibly sharing bodies at the same time or whatever was going on exactly.

These first three dream fragments were possibly all one dream that told these three or more stories that jumped between these different characters and stories, and so I am confused.

There was possibly a Jack Bauer-like man and maybe a younger William Shatner-like man and maybe even a younger Sean Connery-like man who possibly were already fused as one person, but I have no idea.

The end result was possibly more Jack Bauer-like, and he had some kind of goal mission to defend / help people and maybe try to stop some kind of terrorist attack or something, but I have no idea.

I am not sure if they body swapped with me, or I was somehow joined with them, or what happened.

I just know that I was probably not in my body, and I was possibly not even in control of the body that I was in at first or if we were fused then it just made things even more unclear if several of us were fused as one in one body.

I have no idea, this is all too unclear and complex and confusing to make sense of.

The multipurpose indoor and outdoor area from the second dream fragment was possibly in this dream, but I can not remember those parts.

I just remember the maybe Jack Bauer-like man who was possibly a fusion of several of us probably leaving that area, and maybe he was walking some children home who he was related to (at least two boys and at least two girls with light-color skin).

And the children’s mother who also had light-color skin joined them, and she seemed to be on one or more drugs like she was addicted and unstable.

She was possibly the sister of the Jack Bauer fusion man, and we walked to this wilderness area on the outskirts near water through a trail that led to a hill by the beach I guess where there was possibly a multi-story house that was possibly built on the hill and / or into it and maybe only the upper floor was used like a tower-like house almost like a tree house, but I can not remember.

This area was nice and quiet and the house had a natural and simple look and feel to it, but it was a bit of a mess and seemed to match the condition of the mother.

I remember talking with the kids and mothers as they showed me around, and I saw that the mother needed professional help and that this house needed to be cleaned and remodeled; and that the children needed someone to take care of them until the mother got the help that she needed to become stable again.

After visiting, I left outside, and I used my mobile phone to call the brothers of the Jack Bauer fusion man to let them know that their or our sister and her kids our nieces and nephews needed our help.

At some point the two other brothers showed up and one of them was possibly a fictional fusion of two different actors and the other brother was the actor Kevin Spacey who was the most successful and riches of us brothers.

Keven Spacey and the other brother toured the house and talked to their sister and her children, and once they saw the situation, they agreed with me.

The other brother managed to shame Mr. Spacey into joining him to combine their money and resources and time to deal with this situation.

The two brothers got their sister to leave to a good treatment center to live and get treatment for however long it took while they remodel the house and watch the kids, and they were paying for and setting up everything.

They were even going to help with the remodeling themselves and with the babysitting (with some professional help when needed).

My phone call to them put everything in action, and they had things under control.

My work here was done, I felt good about this, and then I continued on back to the multi-purpose areas across the field.

There were crowds of people, and at some point I found a possibly fictional version of my former schoolmate EW and / or his brother SW.

We talked, and he had some problems, and I tried to encourage him and convince him to get some help.

This was working until a man with dark-color skin with black hair started to convince him to not listen to me, the man accused me of acting like I am better than them and of various other things.

I had to try to deal with him while trying to convince my former classmate, but I failed.

I then left and the Jack Bauer fusion man possibly took control of the body again to continue his / their mission, or I let them continue their mission because I had just failed.

We were possibly all in the same body and possibly fused, so we were possibly not completely separate or complete one.

I can not remember, and it is too confusing and unclear and complex.

I just remember the Jack Bauer fusion man / me being followed by my former classmate, the other man had convinced him that I was his enemy or something.

Maybe he was going to attack me, but the Jack Bauer-like man / me knew that we were being followed, so we easily lost him.

We possibly spotted the target that they were trying to stop or something, but I can not remember.

I just remember us walking down a slope to an underground subway or train station-like area where other people were headed, but we passed the main turn to go to a quiet back area on the other side of a completely dark area.

We reached a dimly lit area with some scientists / doctor-like people, and they had a body of a man with light-color skin with maybe no shirt or paints sitting face first in a chair leaning forward into some kind of device with wires and things connected to him.

The body was not moving like it was unconscious or dead, and next to the body was another chair like the one that the body was in, like it was waiting for us to sit in to swap bodies again.

The Jack Bauer fusion man knew what this was about, but I did not and so he or they were controlling the body at this point.

He / they said something to a male doctor with light-color skin with gray / white hair wearing a lab coat like they knew each other, and he / they took a seat.

They hooked the wires to the back of his head and back, et cetera.

And they started up the machine and a surge of electricity hit his body and guess to swap him and / or us to a new body and / or back to our bodies, and the surge sent me back to my body I assume.

I immediately woke up in the real world as the Jack Bauer fusion man, possibly swapped to the new body, but I have no idea.

Dream Fragment 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place over a period of time.

Some parts took place during different days at different times, I was probably younger and possibly not in my body, but I can not remember.

I remember being with a young woman with light-color skin, and we walked across a field during the late afternoon or evening.

We walked to a multi-story house where maybe only the upper floor was used like in the third dream, so it was more tower-like.

I assume the young woman knew who lived here, and maybe she was going to visit her friends or something.

I can not remember, I remember us going inside the house, but maybe no one was home and I found out that the house belonged to the former basketball player Dennis Rodman.

I remember finding a silver-color championship ring that belonged to Mr. Rodman, and at some point Mr. Rodman was returning home.

We were afraid of getting in trouble for being there, and so we hid and sneaked around, and I still had one of his championship rings.

We hid under two beds before sneaking to the kitchen, and eventually we sneaked back outside on the balcony porch without being seen or heard by Mr. Rodman.

We sneaked across the field, and we stopped behind a tree or something to talk.

I ended up realizing that I had Mr. Rodman’s championship ring still, so that meant that I had stolen it now, and I felt bad.

I wanted to return it, but then he would know that we had been in his house and he would probably call the police or something.

I decided that I would try to return it stealthily without him noticing one day.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rodman realized that his championship ring was missing, and he got on television to tell the world.

He offered a reward for its return, so he had the police and random citizens looking for it trying to get that reward money.

This meant that there was too much activity at Mr. Rodman’s house for me to return the ring, so days, weeks, months, et cetera went by with me waiting for a chance to return it quietly.

At some point that day came and the young woman and I sneaked to the house, but two or three rich businessmen in suits with light-color skin who I had seen before in a forgotten part of the dream were at the house when we sneaked / snuck inside like they were touring the house like it was for sale.

They told us that they had just bought the house because Mr. Rodman had sold it, and so they were just checking out the property to see what they just bought and to decide what to do with it.

That meant that I still was not going to be able to quietly return Mr. Rodman’s ring to him.

There was something suspicious about them and I did not trust them.

They seemed to be plotting something (even back when I first saw them in a forgotten part of the dream), and so we tried to leave quickly as other people arrived; but suddenly on the ground below I noticed something strange.

I noticed small ash gray objects move on the ground.

I realized that they were small people or humanoids covered in ashes and / or gray mud who were wearing only loincloths and were armed with bow and arrows and blowguns.

They seemed like members of an ancient, more primitive group of people or humanoids, and they started attacking the people who were arriving like they were shooting them with specially poisoned / coated arrows and darts that I assumed were meant to knock them unconscious and to start some kind of mind control on them.

The businessmen then revealed that these small people or humanoids worked for them.

They had somehow convinced / tricked / paid / summoned them to help them with some strange domination plan to maybe mind control and kill everyone in this country and then maybe the world.

They had planned things and were finally putting their plans in motion.

The young woman and me warned some of the others as we fled to the back near some trees.

We were fleeing the military and maybe one of the politicians of the country were returning from a campaign.

They were ancient Roman or Greek-like soldiers and a male politician with light-color skin who all had ancient armor and clothing and weapons, which makes no sense because everything else looked modern except for the small people or humanoids.

We told them about what was going on and the politician (maybe a senator or the current leader who made me think of or who reminded me of Marcus Aurelius) wearing white ancient Greek or Roman robes or whatever with a laurel wreath on his head told us that he was disappointed about the current situation.

He noted how the walls were down and worn and that the security was lacking et cetera.

He vowed to begin immediately to fix the walls and rebuild and to secure the country, and some of the soldiers started working on the walls while the cavalry and some of the infantry charged to fight the small people or humanoids and the businessmen.

This inspired me and the young woman and I turned around to rally the other fleeing people to join the soldiers to fight and defend the country and the world, but I woke up as we charged to fight.

The end,

  • John Jr

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