Esperanto And A McDonald’s Or Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Through?

I got in bed very late last night and when I woke up to use the bathroom I did not go back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream or barely part of two dreams.

Part of the dream or part of another dream involved Esperanto, I was thinking about it and maybe trying to use it and maybe listening to it or something, and this was probably inspired by me watching the 1966 movie Incubus before I went to sleep so maybe I was watching part of that movie during the dream while listening closely to the language and how badly it was spoken in that movie.

Before going to sleep I also watched a YouTube video by Fluent in 3 months called Benny’s coaches a monoglot to learn Esperanto: Week 1 (with En/Eo subtitles), and so maybe that also inspired this part of the dream or this dream.

The next thing that I remember is riding in an automobile with my former male classmate DC during the day, and we drove into the parking lot of either a slightly fictional McDonald’s in the city of D or an unknown fast food restaurant and maybe my former classmate DC was driving.

I remember us going to the drive-through to the menu to order but I can not remember if we ordered or not, I just remember us talking, and I remember seeing an automobile with at least two young women with light-color skin with long hair driving in line either behind us or in front of us.

I remember us driving forward to the drive-through window maybe, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

What is it?

Here is a YouTube video by MTV Decoded that I possibly saw last year called Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News:

What is it about?

This is how MTV Decoded describes this video:

Decoded now on #MTV!

Franchesca Ramsey:
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Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but the whole story we’re taught in school about Pilgrims and Native Americans is basically, just WRONG.

Everything from the Native Americans and Pilgrims being best friends, to the outfits the Pilgrims actually wore, down to even the eating Turkey is based on loose half-truths and propaganda.

So join Franchesca as she serves up some Thruthsgiving!

Mom: Esther Friedman
Aunt: Greer Morison
Grandpa: Philip Smith
Teen: Sholntay Taylor @SholantyTaylor
Dad: Anthony Aroya

Director: Karrie Crouse
Producer: Andrew Kornhaber
Written By: Jon Gutierrez
DP: Eric Browse
Gaffer: Steven Latta
Art Director: Emmeline Wilkes
Art Assistant: Heather Yancey
Sound: Mike Snyder
HMU: Fatima Butler
PA: Emily Thielen

Wampanog & Pilgrims Were Political Allies, Not Friends

The Pilgrims Didn’t Necessarily Invite the Indians

Squanto Didn’t Learn English to Help the Pilgrims

It Wasn’t a Yearly Event

The Food was Much Different

The Pilgrims Didn’t Land on Plymouth Rock

Pilgrim Fashion Was Much More Colorful Than We Are Taught

Full History of Early Settlement:

Further Reading about Thanksgiving History: