Portrait Of Madame Trentesaux (Née Yvonne Dewavrin (1896-1984))

What Is It?

The image above is of a painting called Portrait Of Madame Trentesaux (Née Yvonne Dewavrin (1896-1984)) by the French artist Cyprien Eugène Boulet.

This painting is said to be an oil on canvas portrait from 1923.

Here is how Wikimedia Commons describes this painting:

AuthorCyprien Eugène Boulet  (1877–1927)  
Object typepainting
DescriptionEnglish: Madame Jean Trentesaux, née Yvonne Dewavrin (1896-1984)oil on canvas1923
Source/PhotographerDerived from Musée La Piscine (Roubaix)

My Thoughts

Someone clicked on a link on my blog to this artist’s Wikipedia article, and I clicked on the link.

I glanced at some of this artist’s paintings on Wikimedia Commons and I saw this painting again which caught my attention, so I decided to do a post about it.

I like the combination of detail and colors and lighting, and the lack of detail in some areas.

It would be interesting to have someone paint a portrait of you like this.

I would be curious to see how I would look if someone were to paint a portrait of me one day.

It is rare, but I have seen portrait painters a few times before over the years, long ago at fairs and shopping malls et cetera, who would paint you a portrait.

I regret never having a portrait of myself made back then.

The end,

  • John Jr

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