A Surprise Robber (Thief)

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is part of the second dream or if it is its own dream, and so I will type it as its own dream.

All that I can remember of this dream or this part of the second dream is that it took place inside The BP Library and I think that I was working in the DVD section when I noticed a male patron with dark-color skin with black hair who is usually with Mrs. R.

I greet the patron and we start talking, I end up mentioning how I used to help him and Mrs. R sometimes when they visit the library, but he somewhat takes offense at that and he starts talking about what he had done making it seem like I had not really helped them before and that it was he who did most of the help or something.

I do not argue with him and then I change the subject to the DVDs, and he tells me that his DVD player is not working properly so I start asking him questions to help him troubleshoot the problem.

At some point I realize that I am taking too long and that I need to get back to work, and so I tell him to try the advice that I gave him and let me know if it does not work and I say goodbye and I start back working.

I am not sure if I finished working and then went home and then the next part of the dream started or if I woke up, either way, that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the second dream.

Dream 2

There was more to this dream but I can not remember most of it and what I do remember possibly contains some errors because some strange things happened, and some dream characters changed without me noticing and so weird things were going on making this dream even more confusing and unclear.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being in The E House and some of my family was there like we were living there, even though in the dream I still recognized that we still had our real house in this dream world as well, and so I am not sure what was going on there.

I remember being in the family room, dining room, and the bedroom in that area but I can not remember what I was doing or who all visited this area except that I do remember Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) being there at some point.

While I was talking to Angry Joe and / or whatever I think that I walked into the bedroom, and I noticed a completely clothed person wearing all black (a ski mask, long sleeves, maybe a jacket or another layer of clothing, pants, shoes, et cetera) so I could not see their face or skin or hair and they were carrying a bag and sneaking like they were stealing stuff from our / the house and I wondered how did they sneak into the house.

I assumed that it was a man but that was just an assumption because their entire body was covered with black clothing, I was going to say something or do something, but the assumed thief pointed a black gun (maybe a pistol) at me and made a gesture for me to be quiet and they pointed their gun in the direction of Angry Joe and signaled a warning that they would shoot him if I warned him so then I tried to get Angry Joe to leave without him noticing the robber so that he would not be in danger.

I managed to get Angry Joe to leave without him seeing the robber, and then I tried to help the robber sneak out of the house to avoid putting the others in danger but I was planning on probably disarming and unmasking the robber once I got a chance.

As I was trying to sneak the robber out with the intention on stopping them when I got a chance, my dad entered the area, and so I had to try to keep the robber hidden while trying to get my dad to leave.

For some reason my dad would leave and then return as I am trying to sneak the robber out, and so I had to keep hiding the robber and trying to get my dad to leave.

I started to suspect that my dad realized that I was hiding something or someone so that is probably why he kept interrupting me, and so now the situation was worse because he did not realize that a dangerous situation was going on and that an armed robber was behind me hiding with both of us in their sights.

As we got closer to the door my dad interrupted us again so the robber finally got tired of this, and they came out of hiding with their ski mask off and their gun hidden and to my shock and surprise it was my former female classmate FS.

My dad then assumed that I had been hiding a woman from him, he smiled and made a comment about this, and I told him that it was not what it looked like and that I would explain the situation to him soon.

I walked my former classmate FS outside to ask her to explain herself, oddly she had a goatee (no mustache connected to it and no beard, just a V-shaped goatee so the end was pointed), and she was smiling like she had been partly joking.

She told me that the gun was fake, that she was going to return the stolen stuff eventually (she stole certain things for certain reasons, including to learn more about me, but I am not sure what else) but I did not let her take any of it, and some of the reasons (only some, she did not reveal all of her reasons) that she had done this were: that she wanted to see if she could, to test the security and if we would notice, to temporarily steal some objects to research and learn more about me, to get my attention, and I assume that she was still interested in me or realized that she was still interested in me (in the real world back in high school she once revealed that she liked me, at the time I was interested in another female classmate named CW, and so I politely turned her down) among other reasons that she did not explain.

We did not have time to talk about this here, I wanted to get her away from here for now, and so I offered to give her a ride home but then we were interrupted by our former male classmate LT walking into the yard asking us if there was something in his hair.

I saw a housefly (fly) on his hair and so I knocked it out of his hair, my dad walked outside looking angry at me and he glared at me with his arms folded, and oddly he now looked like Barack Obama but I still recognized him as my dad somehow without realizing that he had changed and that he now looked like and sounded like and and dressed like and acted like an angry Barack Obama.

My dad who now looked like Mr. Obama was very angry at me about hiding the woman and he felt that I had lied to him, and he seemed very hurt and angry and disappointed in me (he probably assumed that I was sneaking in women and having sex with them or something)

I tried to tell my dad that he was mistaken and that things were not how they seemed, and that I would explain it to him after I take my former classmate FS home but he wanted answers now and was very angry so it seemed that I would have to cancel on taking my former classmate FS home.

I walked back in the house with my dad as my former classmate FS started walking up the street, I walked back outside to ask my former classmate LT to let our former classmate FS know that I will probably not be able to take her home and that I apologize, but I am not sure if he heard me and then he walked to catch up with our former classmate FS and they walked and talked up the street slowly.

I was trying to see if he would tell her and I was going to signal for her to walk back so that I could tell her if he had not, but my dad was still angry and ranting at me a bit so I had to try to calm him down and then glance back outside.

I tried to decide should I leave and take her home so that we could talk along the way and then return to explain the situation to my dad after I have more details to share or should I tell my dad what I know so far, and I saw how angry and hurt my dad was and how much he misunderstood the situation that I decided that I would probably try to explain things to him now.

I started trying to do this but I had to calm him down first, but I woke up before I could get him to calm down enough to listen and he still looked and sounded like and dressed like et cetera Barack Obama and oddly I still did not notice this and I still recognized him as my dad which makes no sense but that is interesting.

He was so angry and hurt and disappointed that I could somewhat feel it, and I felt bad about the situation and I hoped to get him to understand what really happened.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


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