A Serial Rapist / Serial Killer & Fraternity & Sorority Hazing?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that maybe the forgotten parts of the dream possibly involved one or more serial rapists / serial killers (assumed to be one) going around possibly raping and killing people, the assumption was that it was a man, but no one knew for sure so people were trying to figure out who it was so that they could be stopped because there kept being new victims throughout the dream.

The end of the dream was inside a building in a room that had a stage with curtains and the main area where the seats should be, but I think that it was mostly open with a nice clear coated wooden floor like a basketball court but nicer.

I am not sure why I was there but there were college students there who were members of at least one fraternity and at least one sorority who were taking part in hazing (initiation) rituals for their groups, they took part in some of the same rituals, but some of the rituals were women only and some were men only.

I was not involved with any of this, I was just there, possibly investigating the possible serial rapist / serial killer situation because I possibly felt that the suspect was possibly either targeting groups / people like this and / or was part of one of these groups or used to be part of one of these groups but I can not remember; and there was a possibility that the suspect might show up there to attack people, and so I was probably there to stop them if that happened.

As expected some of the hazing rituals were degrading et cetera, especially the ones that were women only, and so some of the rituals involved partial nudity and sex acts like masturbation and torture-like stations where they had to go through a variety of strange rituals that they would usually have to do to themselves.

One of these stations was on the stage where there were curtains, there was a women only station that had directions and images of what to do for each step of the ritual, and one of the images showed cheerleader with her underwear down and skirt up masturbating where others could see her and this station involved a lot of strange degrading sex stuff and maybe some self-torture-like stuff which disturbed and bothered me even in the dream.

I did not support any of this stuff and I even said so and I recommended that these college students not do any of this stuff, but they did not listen to me and they kept doing their hazing rituals so I focused on probably gathering clues and trying to keep them safe from the possible serial rapist and serial killer.

A lot of the women there were cheerleaders and one of them who had light-color skin went to use the degrading mostly sex based rituals on the stage, I recommended that she not do it but she did not listen to me, and so I told her that she could at least move the station behind one of the curtains for some privacy and she did follow that advice.

The stage was vulnerable because I did not patrol it or keep an eye on it like the other areas because I wanted to give the people using those stations some privacy and I did not want to see the strange degrading stuff that they were doing on the stage, I realized this, and I hoped that the suspect did not attack anyone on the stage because I would likely miss it.

One of the cheerleaders possibly went missing or was dead on the stage behind one of the curtains, maybe the one that I talked to, but I can not remember.

Whatever happened led to a lot of the students stopping to finally listen and talk to me about my investigation, they gave me some information that possibly identified one of my suspects who was a man with light-color skin who was probably one of their fellow college students and maybe members or former members, and many of them joined with me to go gather some more clues about this man and to find him.

I remember us going to a one-story house that was dimly lit inside, but the students who went ahead of me got taken to another room at gunpoint by an old woman with dark-color skin wearing a nightgown and holding a break action double-barreled shotgun like she lived here and probably assumed that we were robbers or something.

I hid and then I sneaked around trying to reach them so that I could save them and let the old woman know that we were not there to harm her, and that we were just there to gather some clues and find the man who was my suspect and that we did not know that anyone was there or living there or whatever.

They walked down a long hallway with rooms along the hallway until they reached an open room at the end of the hallway, and I sneaked into one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway that was a bedroom so that I could hide for a moment to look and listen for an opening to sneak to the room to save the students.

When I stepped into the bedroom there was an old woman with light-color skin loading a break action double-barreled shotgun with shotgun shells like she was about to help the other old woman and maybe check the house for other intruders.

She had already loaded two shotgun shells and she was about to load the other two, and so I grabbed the shotgun from her and I took the shells and I loaded the shotgun while I explained that I was not there to hurt her and I explained the situation.

The old woman was a bit grouchy and sassy and not afraid but she listened to me (probably after I had to warn her now that I had the shotgun), and then I took her to the room where the students were being held by the other old woman.

I had the shotgun down but ready and I had the old woman in a position where she could be a shield and a hostage if necessary, but I hoped to keep things peaceful so I hoped that talking would fix this situation.

I reached the room and my plan worked so I got the other woman to lower her shotgun and listen to me, oddly both old women had changed at this point without me noticing the change, and now one woman was the actress Whoopi Goldberg playing the role of an old woman it seemed and the other old woman was now the actress Tilda Swinton playing the role of an old woman who was very similar to her character Minister Mason from the movie Snowpiercer so she had fake teeth that made her talk funny and she was possibly overacting a bit having fun as this character et cetera.

I explained the situation to both old women (now Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Swinton), and they shared some information about the suspect with me.

What they told us led me to consider the possibly that he had a condition that could possibly be triggered by any contact that he might consider to be sexual, maybe even a hug, that could possible trigger some kind of extreme possibly out of his control reaction that could have possibly led to him going around raping and killing people because of that and several other factors related to his unique situation.

I can not remember what they said or the details exactly, I just know that we were probably going to share it with the police, and now it seemed even more likely that I was correct about him being involved.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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