Learning A New Way To Fly In Two Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILDs)?

I woke up from a dream (which I assume is the dream that I will type after this, but I could be wrong) and I started to fall back to sleep without getting out of bed to voice record it, I felt my body falling asleep, and so I decided to try to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) and I think that it worked but I could be wrong.

I had several dreams and possibly two lucid dreams but I did not voice record them each time that I woke up because I kept going back to sleep trying to have a WILD, and so I only remember part of what is possibly a dream and then two possible lucid dreams.


This was possibly the dream that started it all, it took place during a nice day in the countryside with fields and maybe farms, and some people and I were at a large barn and several buildings (some connected).

There seemed to be a business inside this barn so I think that some of us were there to shop, some people worked there and some lived there and around this area, and the barn doors were open to the outside.

Most of the people there had light-color skin and were dressed like farmers and people who live in the countryside, at some point the area got raided by the police and maybe law enforcement agencies, and I remember hearing a male police officer yelling over a speaker phone and then police and SWAT et cetera (some with armor, some with shields, some with assault rifles, some with submachine guns, et cetera) ran through the area yelling and pointing guns.

A lot of the people who were not shoppers or employees started to run for their guns, I assumed that they were maybe part of some right-wing militia or something, and the police probably fired the first shots and a shootout began with us shoppers and employees caught in the middle.

I remember moving through the barn and buildings trying to avoid the police and the assumed militia members because the police were possibly shooting whoever (everyone), and eventually I probably woke up.

I started to fall back to sleep but I could feel my body falling to sleep and I felt that maybe I could have a lucid dream using the WILD technique, and so I rode the feeling of falling asleep while still conscious like a wave and I think that it worked but I could be wrong.

Possible Lucid Dream 1

All that I can remember of this possible lucid dream was that I was back in the previous dream world and everything was the same (except I ended up carrying a small dog that I think was a Chihuahua, maybe it was in the previous dream too, but I can not remember), like the dream restarted or something, and so I knew what was going to happen.

So as soon as the police raid started or right before I started to make my escape and somehow I ended up carrying a small dog that I assume was a Chihuahua that I was trying to save from the chaos, I still got trapped, and so I started trying to fly but I can not remember if I realized that I was dreaming (I assume so, but it is not clear).

I ran and then I jumped in the air and I started to flap one of my arms (because I had the dog in the other arm) to start flying, it worked, but I was having difficulty flying so I was flying very low and very slow.

I continued struggling to fly higher and faster as I held the dog, I had to avoid police and assumed militia members who were still shooting and fighting, and maybe some of them tried to attack the dog and me so I had to dodge and fly through buildings and outside.

Eventually I remembered how Lost Truth usually flies using her mind instead of the more physical approach like I was trying, and so I decided to try flying using only my mind instead of my body to see if that would help me because I was struggling and to just try something different.

I was flying outside near a tree when I started trying to fly with my mind so I looked ahead and I thought and told myself that I wanted to fly over there using my mind, but it did not work.

I tried again with a bit more focus but it did not work so I tried a constant focus while thinking and believing and wanting and feeling what I wanted to do, and it started to work barely.

I moved myself forward slightly with my mind and I kept focusing and struggling to keep moving, it was stop and go at first, but then I started to get more comfortable and faster.

It took a constant focus that I could feel in my head, a slight congestion feeling combined with a feeling of focusing very hard, and moving forward felt like I was pulling myself with my mind forward.

I started to fly around doing stunts inside and outside dodging the chaos and maybe even attacking those who tried to attack me and the dog, it was fun, and this new flying method was working better than my physical method but it required a constant focus and it takes longer to master and get going but it is worth it.

At some point I decided to try hovering, this was harder, and I had to focus even harder so I felt an even stronger feeling in my head as I focused intensely on just hovering.

This felt like I was using telekinesis to keep my body in the air so I had to control things evenly to avoid pulling in the wrong direction so I could feel an almost gravity-like feeling from many directions as I focused on hovering, I moved around a bit until I was able to balance myself, and I felt a bit like the character Eleven from the television show Stranger Things so I decided to see if I could lift objects and people with my mind and I could and I could possibly even make them fly even without looking at them by just focusing constantly on the area around me as well to lift the objects in people in the area too.

This was pretty cool and fun and I felt pretty unstoppable at this point, bullets either missed me and / or I could block them with my mind and / or they just did not damage me at all, and I used my mind to throw and / or attack people and objects threatening me as I hovered and flew around still carrying the dog I assume.

Some of the people tried to attack me like they did not care about my superpowers, and some people were amazed by my superpowers and did not bother me and I could sometimes hear them talking to each other in amazement.

I started to experiment with controlling my speed, starting and stopping, et cetera.

I just had to reduce my concentration to slow down and increase it to go faster, and I was starting to get the hang of it.

This was one of my longest dreams of flying probably, but eventually I woke up with that same congested and focusing hard feeling in my head in the real world too.

Using my mind like that seemed pretty straining for my brain which slightly worried me but I was so excited that I wanted to try it again and I felt like I could try a WILD again so I did without getting out of bed to voice record my dream.

Possible Lucid Dream 2

This was possibly a lucid dream as well after trying a WILD again after waking up from the previous possible lucid dream, and it took place in a similar or the same dream world as the two previous dreams except that I was in a different area or part of the countryside where there were no other people.

I started to use my new flying technique to fly over the nice fields with flowers and a few trees, and I flew into a cave or building that did not look like a cave inside really but it felt like it was possibly part of the natural environment but maybe with some human made structures built inside of it that were possibly abandoned now like maybe an old subway station or something but I can not remember.

I just remember plants and non-human animals and maybe some creatures, some were animals and maybe some were plants that tried to attack me, and so I flew around avoiding them testing my flying skills.

Eventually I decided to fly outside again over the fields and trees, and I was still using my new fly with only my mind technique like Lost Truth but eventually I woke up.

I woke up with the same feeling in my head again, I possibly had some real congestion but I am not sure, and my brain felt strained like I could possibly get a headache if I am not careful.

So using my mind like that was pretty intense and something that I am not used to, but it was worth it.

I started to wonder if my body levitated in the real world while I was sleeping, and if I could use this new ability in the real world and I went to make a very weak attempt at it but it did not work and I did not want to try harder because my head was already feeling strange and I did not want to get a headache or risk a brain injury or something. 😀

I would like to thank Lost Truth (Moment) for the inspiration, I am not sure if those last two were really lucid dreams or not, and so I probably should not get the lucid dream trophy. 😉

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Yes, I agree, I hope that I will remember next time instead of reverting to my usual flying technique; and if I do remember then I will probably remember the other techniques.

If I am able to use them again and feel comfortable enough with the process, then I might see if it works in the real world. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello True George,

So far so good based on my last few lucid dreams where I used an even better version of the new flying method (that I learned from Moment (Lost Truth) even though her method is still slightly different, and allows her to move further distances better) compared to the one in this lucid dream.

-John Jr

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I think you should definitely get the lucid dream trophy for all that hard work and progress you made with your flying abilities 🙂

That was a pretty kool dream. I’m glad you were able to recall my technique when you found the flapping to be difficult. It is also kool that you seemed to be able to reenter the dream after waking up and continued to progress with the flying technique. I’m impressed you were able to maintain the dream for so long and stick with the experiment of using your mind to fly. It seems you got pretty good at it by the end. When I was reading the beginning of your experience I thought to suggest something. At first it seemed like you were trying to use your mind as a muscle. Almost using your mind to pull you forward in the same way you would your physical body. Maybe by the end you changed it up, but I wanted to add that what I try to do is look at a certain spot, say 100 feet ahead, and imagine that I am already there. Then I am there. Or if I want to do flips in the air. I just tell myself that I already am doing flips, and then I am. Same thing with trying to walk through wall. i just tell myself I’m already on the other side of the wall, and then I go through it. Not sure if this is different from what you were doing or not.

I also find it interesting that you kept experiencing head congestion. How do you feel today? Do you think you are just coming down with a cold or do you think it was connected to igniting dream powers? On one hand I’ve found when I have an incredibly powerful dream where I am trying new dream abilities, I seem to end up a little sick. It has only happened 3 times and I don’t know if it’s coincidental or not. But also the way you describe using your mind to fly – it did sound quite straining.

I read your dream last night before bed. Often, for whatever reason, after you have a lucid dream I seem to have one the next night. So I thought last night would be a perfect opportunity to find you in a dream. But I was unsuccessful and was not lucid. I’ll try again though.

Thanks for sharing your dream!

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Thank you Moment. 🙂

Thank you, and I agree.

I am also glad that I remembered to try a flying style closer to yours, and so I am glad that you shared your dreams about this so thank you.

Yeah, I am surprised that I was able to reenter the dream and how the dream seemed to have restarted from the beginning again so I knew what was going to happen this time, and I am surprised that the dream stayed so stable and lasted so long; but maybe it is because my lucidity was possibly low.

You are correct about that, I briefly tried to just look and imagine myself there but that did not work (but I did not try enough or hard enough ; ) ), and so then I resorted to intense focusing in a more physical way and so that is a good description; well done.

Thank you for reminding me about your flying technique, that may be more difficult for me, but if I can figure it out then that would be better than straining my brain. 😀

That is a good question, when I woke up that morning I briefly felt actual congestion or something in my head which wore off, and I did feel a strained feeling in my head so maybe it was a bit of both; but I returned to normal that morning, and today I slightly felt like I was going to get a headache but it went away.

Maybe a bit of sickness can help increase the chances of this and / or maybe dreams like that can increase the chances of sickness but who knows; that is a good question, and thank you for sharing that.

Yeah, that is an interesting coincidence, and so that was a good idea and thank you for trying; I wish that I would have thought of that in my possible two lucid dreams, but flying was all that came to my mind (which reminds me of a problem that someone else used to have 😉 ).

Good luck, you are welcome, and thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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I’m glad your congestion didn’t continue throughout the day.

Hmmm, interesting that you say ‘maybe a bit of sickness can help increase the chances.’ I hadn’t thought about it that way before. But maybe you’re right. In terms of astral travel/out of body experiences, all 3 times I’ve experienced this is when I was very sick with my pancreatitis. Different than lucid dreaming, but maybe still helps to validate a connection.

Haha – yes. It’s hard to escape the trap of flying and other physical go-to activities 🙂


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Thank you Moment, I am glad too, maybe it was just the way that I was sleeping. 😀

I imagine that strange things can happen sometimes in situations like that when the body it battling against things et cetera. 😉

You are right about that. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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