BY Wok | Guerrilla Filmmaking

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was possibly in the city of LC, I bought some Chinese-style food and was disappointed in it so I only ate part of it, and then I called BY Wok in the city of D telling them about this and they offered me a deal where they would trade one of the side dishes (food) on my plate for some of their food so I accepted and I drove back to the city of D where I was headed anyway.

This dream possibly took place during the evening, but I can not remember.

I reach the city of D and oddly BY Wok in this dream is in a fictional two-story house-like building, and inside the wife (one of the owners) greets me and she takes me to the second floor to a room where the restaurant is and it is one open room so even the kitchen is there and the husband (the other owner) is cooking something.

The wife and me talk briefly and then she tells me about some of the new items on their menu, and one of these items is a dessert where something that I can not remember is made on top of pecan praline (pecan candy).

I order my food and then I go to pay with the side dish from the Chinese food that I bought in the city of LC, the wife looks at it and it does not look good enough to her, and so she breaks our deal so then I had to pay with money and so I had to pay a little over $7 for my food.

I then walk to the seating area to wait for my food, there are children there now oddly, and they probably start talking to me.

A girl with dark-color skin with black hair among the group of kids says that I look like a bald Christoph Waltz, which I strongly disagree with, but I thought that was funny so I laugh.

I am not sure if I got my food or not, I just remember walking outside to either wait or leave, and it is darker now so maybe it is night or late evening now.

There are two men with light-color skin outside, someone farts several times, and one of the men who seems drunk incorrectly thinks that it was me who farted and he threatens to shoot me if I fart again.

I tell the man that it was not me and I manage to talk him down to avoid violence, he is so drunk that he can barely walk so I offer to help him walk and I start helping him walk down the sidewalk while talking to him to keep him from getting violent again, and the other man can not walk at all like his legs were hurt or missing so I start helping him as well but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was following along with two male filmmakers with light-color skin and one of them looked like the actor Dave Franco (but it was probably not him, but I could be wrong), and they were doing some guerrilla filmmaking and we entered a building without permission it seemed so that we could film the movie inside of it.

I did not think that this was a good idea and I said so and I asked them if they were sure that this was okay, and they told me that it was okay but I still was not sure because we saw serious-looking security guards wearing suits patrolling the building.

The two men sneaked around to avoid them and I followed along still voicing my concerns and recommending that we talk to the security first, but they kept assuring me that things would be okay and that it was okay and to not worry about it.

The two men were carrying their equipment as we sneaked to the part of the building where they wanted to start filming, and we entered a room as a security guard was patrolling but two other men with light-color skin saw us and followed us into the room.

The other two men were actually actors who just sneaked in separately to join us to start filming, and so they quickly set up the equipment and they started filming a scene.

The movie that we were filming was possibly a prestige film (picture) that was possibly inspired by the movie The Prestige, it involved the two filmmakers playing the role of two magicians who I think sneaked into this building to rob it (I think that it was supposed to be a bank in their movie at least) and I played the role of one of their helpers, and the other two men were playing the role of two employees or random people or maybe security who just saw them enter a room and went after them.

In the scene the two magicians and me enter the room realizing that two men saw them (but not me), we quickly set up a glass or mirror thing that is like something that you change clothes behind, and it creates an illusion to trick the two men after us so they are using magic (illusion) to help them complete this theft.

We hide behind the glass or mirror thing, the two men enter the room not seeing us, and we were going to wait until they leave but something went wrong that I can not remember and they ended up seeing one of us so we pull out pistols and tie them up to continue the theft.

But leaving them alive would leave witnesses and they saw our faces, and so I use my silenced pistol to shoot them in the head and kill them.

This is all fake and just part of the scene that we are filming, but we get interrupted by a real security guard who is a big tall bald man with light-color skin wearing a suit who looks serious and he takes down the two filmmakers to arrest them I assume.

There is a jump in time to the future, the five of us are talking during the day outside like maybe we were leaving court or jail, and we talk about how we were arrested and how they lost their film company and they were not allowed to finish their film and one of them was possibly kicked out of college so now they were not sure what to do.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr