At A Marine Forward Operating Base With My Brother CC?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that my mom and I went to another country to visit my brother CC while he was deployed in this unknown country with his marine unit.

I remember my mom and I being in the middle of my brother CC’s unit as my brother CC and his fellow marines moved on foot in a line through what looked like a forward operating base.

There were walls and we were moving through narrow alleys, and my brother CC and his fellow marines had their weapons out and ready as we moved cautiously through the area like it was not completely safe yet oddly.

It was somewhat dark (maybe from the shade of the walls and / or smoke grenades and / or sandstorm and / or smoke and / or some kind of other environmental and / or human causes) but I am not sure what time of day it was, and eventually we reached a building with a small gym-like area and a few other areas.

My brother CC’s unit stopped to briefly rest, exercise, grapple, say military cadences, et cetera as their commanding officer or whoever made sure that they stayed ready and alert and let out some stress and increase their aggressiveness et cetera to prepare for what might come next because I assume that this military base was not completely cleared and safe yet.

I remember seeing some of the marines resting, some exercising, and some were grappling and really getting into it and getting very aggressive as their commanding officer or whoever had them say military cadences et cetera trying to keep them ready to fight.

While this was going on an attack on the base started or continued and some more threats inside and / or outside the base were found, and so the commanding officer or whoever sent some of the marines to deal with the attack including my brother CC.

My brother CC works in motor transport so I thought that it was slightly odd that he was sent out to fight, I could understand though and I know that is part of the job especially in a marine corps, and so I hoped that him and his fellow marines who left outside to fight would be okay and I wanted to join them but I was just an untrained civilian who might put them at risk and get in their way because of my lack of training and experience so I doubted that they would let me fight with them so I did not ask to join them.

I needed to use the bathroom so I walked down a hallway following two women with light-color skin who also seemed to be civilians, they seemed to know where they were going, and so that is why I followed them.

I then saw my former male classmate BS who also seemed to be a civilian and I greeted him briefly, and then I continued following the women who were on their way to a cafeteria-like area with tables where I saw at least one man who also seemed to be a civilain with light-color skin eating and drinking and reading a newspaper et cetera so I went in there for a closer look before going to the bathroom that was in the hallway.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Cosmopolis | The Chief Of Theory Scene

What Is It?

The chief of theory (Vija Kinsky played by Samantha Morton) and Eric Packer (played by Robert Pattinson) scene from the 2012 movie Cosmopolis:

I’m Your Chief Of Theory
Samantha Morton in Cosmopolis
Cosmopolis – A Protest Against the Future

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

“There’s an order at some deep level,” he said. “A pattern that wants to be seen.””Then see it.”
He heard voices in the distance. “I always have. But it’s been elusive in this instance. My experts have struggled and just about given up. I’ve been working on it, sleeping on it, not sleeping on it. There’s a common surface, an affinity between market movements and the natural world.”
“An aesthetics of interaction.”
“Yes. But in this case I’m beginning to doubt I’ll ever find it.”
“Doubt. What is doubt? You don’t believe in doubt. You’ve told me this. Computer power eliminates doubt. All doubt rises from past experience. But the past is disappearing. We used to know the past but not the future. This is changing,” she said. “We need a new theory of time.”

We want to think about the art of money making.

The Greek’s have a word for it: Chrimatistikòs.

New York City, not-too-distant-future: Eric Packer, a 28-year-old finance golden boy dreaming of living in a civilization ahead of this one, watches a dark shadow cast over the firmament of the Wall Street galaxy, of which he is the uncontested king.

As he is chauffeured across midtown Manhattan to get a haircut at his father’s old barber, his anxious eyes are glued to the yuan’s exchange rate: it is mounting against all expectations, destroying Eric’s bet against it.

Eric Packer is losing his empire with every tick of the clock.

Meanwhile, an eruption of wild activity unfolds in the city’s streets.

Petrified as the threats of the real world infringe upon his cloud of virtual convictions, his paranoia intensifies during the course of his 24-hour cross-town odyssey.