An Old Couple Playing A Book Game?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a house-like building, maybe it was nighttime, and I went into a bedroom that had several beds like it was a shared bedroom.

There were several people there, maybe my brother GC was among them but I can not remember, and most (some were possibly talking, et cetera) of the people seemed to be getting in bed to sleep so I picked out a bed so that I could try to sleep as well.

As I was preparing my bed an old probably married couple (husband and wife) with light-color skin with gray (silver) / white hair walked into the room, and they picked the bed to the left of mine.

They had a book with them that they had open and they were looking at it trying to read something in it, and the wife who had nice long hair walked over to me with the book asking me if I could read a small part of it to them because they were having difficulty seeing it because of how small the text was and their poor vision I assume.

I agreed to read the text, which was some numbers and maybe some letters, and then the husband left to the location that those numbers and letters represented.

The old married couple seemed to be playing some kind of treasure hunting LARPing-like (live action role-playing game (LARP)) game using that book, I assume that the book gave clues and instructions, and you would follow those instructions and find the clues and try to figure things out et cetera.

While the husband was gone the wife focused on making sense of the next text in the book, I probably told her to let me know if she needs help reading it again, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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