An Unstable Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) | Recovered UFOs?

Dream 1

As I was falling asleep on my stomach (which is my least used sleeping position) I realized that I still had enough consciousness to attempt a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD), and so I tried to have a WILD.

As I was falling asleep, I rode it like a wave, staying conscious even through the weird parts.

It worked, so now I was in a lucid dream, but I could still somewhat feel my body in bed still on my stomach.

The dream world was darkness and unstable, and I was laying on my stomach.

I tried to form the dream world using my mind because the dream world was so unstable that I probably could not move yet.

I could partly feel my body in bed, which also prevented me from moving to avoid moving my body in bed.

I managed to form a bit of light around me, but trying to form a dream world seemed too difficult, so I let it form on its own.

Suddenly I was laying stomach first in a puddle of water next to a rough partly (chipped) yellow painted piece of metal, and then double doors formed in front of me.

I made myself stand up, not completely straight, but like someone holding me up with their mind while my body is paralyzed, so my posture was poor.

Using my mind, I somewhat floated (hovered) or slid around barely touching the ground or not at all without actually physically moving my body.

It was all with my mind I guess because the dream was still too unstable for even me to move normally.

Inception (Clip 1) – Opening Scene (Archaic -Deep Limbo Level)

Moving like this was strange, but I needed to wait for the dream to become more stable first, I guess.

I remembered Lost Truth (Moment) but I wanted to wait until the dream was stable enough before attempting anything.

Floating or sliding through the double doors led me to an abandoned restaurant kitchen-like room or middle area between warehouses-like room.

I was letting the dream world naturally form mostly, but I was also trying to speed up the process by thinking up a few things vaguely.

Like: we need some light, we need a room, we need some dream characters, et cetera.

Some of these vague thoughts became reality, including dream characters appearing.

The dream characters appeared without specific features at first, and they even seemed rubbery, some even were bent and twisted in impossible ways at first as they started to form into their normal shapes, and this was a bit freaky.

They had different skin colors and hair colors as they formed, and some started to form faces.

I did not look at them because this process looked creepy and some were even floating and twisting into shape like rubber or taffy candy.

The ones who formed mostly human-looking started to focus on me as I floated or slid around, and some started to follow me.

I was still a bit creeped out by them, so I tried not to look at them until they were finished forming.

This possibly messed things up because they started to attack me like my own fear and caution was making them threats accidentally.

They started trying to grab me, even some of the ones who were not formed yet.

Some of them were twisted like candy or rubber in impossible ways, grabbing me with long rubbery arms and legs that were not formed yet.

I told them to get off of me and stop, but they could not even talk yet, so they did not stop.

I knew that this was a dream and that they could not hurt me, and I told them this.

I kept slowly floating or sliding to avoid them and ignore them as I tried to stabilize the dream.

I did not want to waste time fighting them, and I was afraid of the dream collapsing.

I tried to finish helping form it so that I could try to summon Lost Truth (Moment) and do the rest of my lucid dreaming goals.

But the dream characters kept trying to attack me even though they could not hurt me and the dream was too unstable and not fully formed yet, so this was distracting me.

The dream was stable enough for me to move physically now, and so I started throwing dream characters off of me and fighting back et cetera and moving around physically.

This was annoying, and it was making the dream less stable.

I felt that it would collapse soon, I wanted to try to summon Lost Truth first, but I did not feel that the dream was stable enough.

The dream collapsed, and I woke up on my stomach.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by some news articles and videos that I read and watched recently, and True George’s post called Advanced Aviation Identification.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day.

I was inside a two-story house that was possibly on the outskirts of the city of D near where my former male classmate SS’s family used to live.

Some of my family members, maybe my aunt ME, at least one cousin, one or more family members, and some fictional people visited the house while I was there.

There was a baby among them who I assume was a fictional cousin or sibling et cetera of mine.

We were on the second floor in a room, talking and holding and playing with the baby.

I remember having fun holding and playing with the baby, and at some point a thin fictional boy or preteen with dark-color skin with short black hair possibly came to the house wanting me to help him with something.

All that I can remember is that he wanted me to drive him and an object somewhere.

The object was on a trailer and the object was covered, and so I connected the trailer to my automobile so that we could pull it into the city.

The object was possibly a recovered UFO (unidentified flying object) or possibly an alien vehicle of some kind or some kind of secret military spacecraft / aircraft / vehicle or part of one, but I can not remember.

I do not remember what it looked like because I did not get to see it much or much of it, but I do know that it was not that big.

The boy or young man wanted to hide the object somewhere, and he warned me that the military / government was probably looking for it, so we needed to leave now, so we did.

We drove through the city of D across the street from G Church in a fictional area that had some storage buildings and a downward slope to an underground part of one of these buildings.

There were a few military aircraft, maybe a spy plane, maybe a helicopter, and maybe a bomber and / or a multipurpose aircraft flying around like they were looking for something.

We parked in front of the storage buildings at the top of the slope.

At least two other automobiles of girls or young women and boys or young men arrived, each with a trailer carrying an object on each one, and so they seemed to have the same type of object as well.

The young people all knew each other, and they had planned to meet here to decide where to hide the objects.

As they talked about the situation, they decided to uncover the objects, even though I told them not to because the military aircraft would likely see them.

I assume that they did this because they felt that the military had noticed us already.

I stayed in the driver’s seat, so I did not get to really see the objects.

I guess the military noticed because a gray maybe Rockwell B-1 Lancer or something flew very low (dangerously) over the area not far from us.

Then it accelerated superfast back in the air, like it was sending us a warning or something.

I convinced the young people that we needed to leave, we possibly decided to hide the objects in the storage buildings or the underground area.

Then drive around pretending to still have the objects to trick the military into thinking that we still had them so that we could lead them somewhere else.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 replies on “An Unstable Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) | Recovered UFOs?”

Dream #1 possible Astral Projection one reason why the characters in the dream appeared to abstract. If you ever experience an attack do not run use your mind as a defensive. It is the power of the mind that is a factor in the dream world and astral planes…..


Hello True George,

Thank you for sharing that, but I think that it was just a WILD and the dream world and dream characters were being slowly formed around me and sometimes by me and that they lacked details at first because I was not trying to give them any specific details at all and so they needed to finish being formed by my subconscious since I was not consciously forming them; but I could be wrong.

I agree but in this case I did not want to waste time or risk the dream collapsing because it was so unstable, I knew that they could not hurt me, and so I just slowly floated or slide around trying to ignore them at first while sometimes fighting them off a bit and maybe I used my mind to keep them back near the end (I possibly shot some energy blasts too) which possibly caused the dream to collapse when I started fighting back more intensely as I was able to move more.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hey John Jr,

You’re providing quite the competition for the lucid dreaming trophy these days 🙂 Nicely done

I’m impressed by how you entered into the dream world. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced falling asleep into a dream in detailed slow motion like that before. Meaning, to stay conscious as it all developed. I think you explained the experience really well. That would make a kool scene in a movie. It’s very bizarre how the people were forming so slowly and all bent and rubbery. It’s also interesting how for the second time the dream people were trying to prevent you from reaching me in the dream world. I wonder what that’s all about.

I’ll have to try out this WILD technique. I’ve never tried it before, except for my own crazy version of it.

Thanks for sharing your dream and nice job with all the progress recently 🙂


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Hello Moment,

Thank you, and it is thanks to you. 🙂

Yeah, it is an interesting and strange way to enter a dream where you get to see and be part of the dream world building that is slow like that.

Thank you, trying to explain things can be difficult for me. 😀

Yes, I agree, I can imagine it now in a future movie or whatever.

Yeah, seeing people being formed like that was creepy, it was just so strange because our bodies should not be able to do that and look like that.

This time I would say that they probably were not trying to prevent me from reaching you, I could be wrong, but since the dream was so unstable and because of my negative reaction to them I think that I accidentally through my thoughts and feelings turned those dream characters into threats because I was able to effect / affect the dream just by thought so I think that it was an accident on my part but who knows.

You get weird feelings when using the WILD technique because you feel your body going to sleep and trying to ride it like a wave is just strange, and so the few times that I have tried it I usually back out because it just feels so weird; but as you know I have had a few successful attempts this year usually by accident at first, since it is usually not until I accidentally realize that my body is going to sleep but I am still conscious, that I try it.

You are welcome and thank you for the inspiration and competition and cooperation. 😉

-John Jr

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Thank you, hopefully we will continue to inspire one another to have more lucid dreams 🙂

You are probably right about your own negative thoughts impacting the actions of the dream characters. It’s funny how that seems to work. I guess waking life can be that way as well (though maybe more subtle).

I tried, and failed, the WILD attempt last night. I kind of see what you mean though. I kept falling into sleep and maybe because of excitement, or the bizarreness, or just the awareness – I kept waking myself back up. I could never consciously seem to fall asleep and instead ended up not being able to fall asleep for hours after going to bed. This reminded me though, that in fact I have tried this technique in the past and these were always my results. Which is why I stopped trying this technique. haha

Thank you as well 🙂



You are welcome, yeah, I wonder if Daniel MacKillican has had any luck yet; he is missing out on the fun.

I definitely agree with you about that in waking life, I think that is more of a problem for some of us like myself.

I am impressed that you tried, I imagine that it is easier if done more naturally during the rare chance that you catch yourself falling asleep but still have some consciousness.

You are welcome, and thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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