Getting Attacked By A Unihorn Saber-Toothed Deer-Like Animal?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember that there were two young women and a young man with light-color skin.

I can not remember what was going on for most of the dream, I just remember them being outside, and they were walking toward the yard of The W’s.

I heard them yell for my help because something was trying to attack them in The W’s yard, and so maybe I grabbed a sledgehammer or something like that and I ran to help them.

In the yard of The W’s I saw a strange prehistoric-looking non-human animal, and I remember seeing maybe the name Saber-Tooth Deer or something like that or Saber-Deer or something like that possibly appear under or over or on the animal or just in my mind.

The animal possibly did not have long teeth but I can not remember, I do know that it had a thin short unihorn or something on its head that looked different than one on a unicorn but it was in the same location, and I was not sure if it was bone or some kind of stinger.

The animal was possibly a brownish color with some dark brownish spots or patterns on its hind areas, but I can not remember and it was somewhat deer-like but different and not like anything that I am familiar with.

The animal was in attack mode so I jumped on the fence to draw its attention to me so that it would attack me instead, and I was going to jump off the fence and smash its head in with the sledgehammer once it charges me and stops.

The animal charged me but instead of stopping at the fence like I expected it jumped in the air at me forcing me to block, and its unihorn or stinger on its head hit my right forearm and maybe slightly pierced it when I blocked its attack.

It fell back on the ground and it was open for my jumping sledgehammer attack, its attack only hurt me slightly, and I easily shook it off and I smiled and laughed a bit letting the young people know that I was okay and that I was about to finish off the animal.

I lifted the sledgehammer over my head to prepare for my finishing attack, but suddenly I started to feel strange and weaker like maybe the unihorn or stinger had injected venom into me.

I needed to attack now but I started struggling to hold the sledgehammer, the venom or whatever seemed to be taking effect / affect, and I started to get a bit dizzy.

I probably warned the young people and I told them to get inside a safe location, and I tried to avoid falling off the fence as I struggled to lift the sledgehammer.

Whatever was happening to me was happening too fast so I jumped back down on the other side of the fence to get to safety before I loose consciousness, but I probably fell because my body was too weak now.

I was losing consciousness or dying, and I woke up as I lost consciousness or died.

The end,

  • John Jr

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