Ivar The Boneless’s Strange Invasion Of Kattegat

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by episode 6 (The Message) of the television show Vikings (Season 5) that I watched before going to sleep.

Vikings: Who Will Rise? Teaser Trailer | Season 5 Premieres Nov. 29 | History

The dream involved Ivar The Boneless and his brother Hvitserk and their army and King Harald Finehair and his army sailing by ships to invade Kattegat to defeat Queen Lagertha and Ubbe and their armies.

Ivar had a unique invasion plan where some of their armies stayed on the ships, some stayed outside of Kattegat, and some went inside the city, including Ivar and his prisoner Bishop Heahmund.

Instead of attacking the city Ivar and their armies waited, the ships sailed around and stayed in the area, the armies outside the city waited, and the armies inside the city went around acting like things were mostly normal trying to annoy & confuse & tire out et cetera their enemies.

Ivar was enjoying himself and walked around smiling as a taunt to his enemies.

His armies inside the city were the smallest of his forces to help avoid them being attacked, and oddly their enemies did not attack and let them stay inside the city while constantly watching them.

Ivar and his armies did not allow their enemies to sleep, the plan was to tire them out by keeping them on alert, while eventually letting his armies rest without his enemies knowing it, and then attack once his armies were rested & his enemies were tired.

Ivar was also considering letting Bishop Heahmund bless him in a public ceremony in an effort to make it seem like him being blessed would give him some kind of power and advantage in the coming war.

I was not in the dream, but somehow I was seeing this.

I woke up when Ivar gave the order for his armies to sleep to prepare for the attack in several days.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a fictional version of The BP Library that felt like it was possibly inside a college, but I am not sure.

Maybe I was working, but I am not sure.

I remember walking to a fictional version of the area where the study rooms were, against the wall was an area that looked like the front dashboard of a vehicle oddly, and some of the study rooms had curtains oddly.

I remember looking for my deodorant for some reason.

I remember knocking on one of the study rooms to ask a male patron with light-color skin who was in there with someone else, probably a woman, if he had seen my deodorant.

The curtains were closed, so I could not see anyone.

They did not want to be seen or disturbed, it seemed, but the man did respond.

He told me that he did not see my deodorant but that I could use his, which was a red spray bottle of deodorant sitting on the dashboard-like area.

I thanked him, but I declined the offer.

He recommended that I ask my girlfriend if I could use her deodorant, and I thanked him for the advice and said goodbye.

I thought that it was slightly odd that he mentioned my girlfriend, I am single, and so I assumed that he was just assuming that I had a girlfriend.

I assumed that my deodorant was probably at home, but my memory was messed up a bit.

I wondered why was I even looking for my deodorant (especially at the library).

But I woke up before I could return home to look for it or continue working or whatever I was doing.

The end,

  • John Jr

4 replies on “Ivar The Boneless’s Strange Invasion Of Kattegat”

I down graded my cable service because it was getting too expensive the History channel gave two episode of the Vikings for free. For me to see the rest I would have to sign in.
I like the Vikings because some of the stories is rooted in historical events. The only thing in question is the existence of Ragnar Lorthbrook; what is known about Ragnar was written in one of the Vikings sagas. But historical it is documented that Ivar the Boneless existed him Ironside and the other brothers were historical figures. Supposedly the sons of Ragnar. Two of them got killed in the struggle for the kingdom and Ivar was with the great Heathen Army that invaded England in response to the death of Ragnar. Ivar went on to wage war in Ireland & Scotland and died in Battle in England. They recently found his grave in a church yard. Ironside was famous for his expeditions to Mediterranean. Alfred the Great King of wessex was the only kingdom in England that the Vikings didn’t conqueror. The Viking occupation lasted for 20 years by the time they were driven out

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Hello True George,

Someone who was behind with this TV show started watching it here unofficially until they got caught up and was able to start watching it on TV (this link is for the 1st season, each season is separated on that website, and so you have to go to the page for each season separately) 😉 :

I liked that as well, thank you for the history lesson because I did not know some of that, and it is good to here about recent news of historical things and people being found.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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