Deadpool In Prison?

Ryan Reynolds and Ed Skrein in Deadpool (2016)
Titles: Deadpool
People: Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein
Source: IMDb

*Lazy notes of this dream from my mobile phone*

The dream takes place in a prison it seems, and Deadpool seems to be there voluntarily (not trying to escape).

Deadpool has a nice prison cell with maybe a gold door, there are attractive barely clothed women in his prison cell with him, and it seems like he runs this prison basically even though he is a prisoner.

I am in another room where a male film director with light-color skin is ready to start filming something starring Deadpool and maybe the women with him, and so he sends me to go get Deadpool for the film shoot so I do this.

Later the film shoot is interrupted by Ajax (Francis ‘Fanny’ Freeman) from the movie Deadpool who is armed with several guns and points them at Deadpool, and Ajax and Deadpool (who also pulls out one or more guns) have an emotional standoff where one or both of them share some reasons why they hate each other.

At some point Ajax alleges that he is or has changed his evil ways because he wants to go to Valhalla or Asgard, and so he lowers his guns to end the standoff.

Deadpool gets angry and says that Ajax will never get to go there or be allowed there and that he will not let him go there, which made it seem like Deadpool was also Thor or someone like that like he had some kind of connection with that place or something, and he seems ready to kill Ajax.

Ajax pulls out a relic from there that can take you there by going pulling you inside the relic itself, he uses it before Deadpool can shoot him, and it seems to work because Ajax is pulled inside the small object and he disappears.

Deadpool screams no angrily after failing to stop Ajax, who is possibly in Valhalla or Asgard now, but I wake up.

The end,

-John Jr

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