A Gunman & A British Spy | Talking Politics With President Trump | Virtual World Addiction With Lucid Dream

I went to bed very late and I woke up very late (almost 2 PM).

Some of these dreams were inspired by season 4 of the television show Black Mirror.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day starting inside a multi-purpose multi-story shopping mall-like building, and maybe it started in a school / college-like part of the building where I was possibly in a class with other students including some of my former classmates like my former male classmate JF.

At some point I needed to urinate, maybe after class, and I went to a small nasty men’s bathroom and my former classmate JF went inside the bathroom as well.

I tried to find a clean place to urinate but I remember one of the stalls smelling so bad, it smelled like feces and the smell was realistic, that I started to gag from the terrible feces smell.

I mentioned this to my former classmate JF but I can not remember if I found a clean place to urinate or not, the next thing that I remember is leaving with some classmates I assume to eat at a buffet inside the building, and one or more of the people with me were from various countries in mostly Europe and could speak different languages.

At least one of them was a woman I remember talking to but I can not remember any details about her or what kind of relationship we had, and I possibly spoke to her and them in maybe Esperanto and French and Spanish and maybe German and English.

We probably switched between languages to annoy and confuse other people, to show off, and for practice and for fun.

We went to or were taken to our tables and then we separated to go get our food on the buffet which was spread outside the restaurant in the middle of the main walkway of the shopping mall-like area oddly, and so shoppers inside the mall were walking around us as we got our food.

Among the people I noticed my uncle EE, my former uncle DE, my female cousin DE (the daughter of my former uncle DE), and maybe several others (like former classmates) who(m) I possibly greeted as I got my food.

I am not sure if I ever got to eat my food or not, the next thing that I remember is walking to an upper floor part of the building to a small room with windows to the outside that you could see out of, and there were a few chairs and a sewing machine with a kind overweight woman with dark-color skin with long black hair who was possibly a former classmate (possibly fictional) of mine sitting at the sewing machine.

We talked about sewing and sewing machines and some other things, I only knew a few things because my mom used to sew but I never learned, and the woman described some sewing terms to me.

At some point we noticed a man running outside for his life it seemed, and then we saw another man chasing after him with maybe a gun.

Next to our room was a movie theater so I went there with some other people to watch a movie, it was dark in the room as expected as the movie played, at some point we were either leaving or we started to leave when we saw some police enter the room signaling for us to move like something serious was going on.

My former male classmates AA and DH were possibly among our group when we moved to the right side of the room where there were stairs going down or up to leave the room, but someone in our group noticed a man with a gun hiding behind the right side on the bottom waiting to ambush us and the police so he warned us and we moved back to the cinema room to avoid the gunman.

We signaled to the police where the gunman was and they moved in, we heard them yelling commands, and then we heard gunshots.

Then I saw the gunman moving to the left side toward the cinema room, and so I hid behind a mesh curtain at the upper middle back seating area where a few other people were sitting and hiding as the movie still played.

While I hid I somehow became an observer of the dream, I was now inside the body of a male British spy who looked like Charlie Chaplin’s character The Tramp, and he seemed like a comedic somewhat incompetent parody of a James Bond-like character.

I could see and feel what he saw and felt and I knew his thoughts, but I was not in control of his body and we could not communicate with each other and we did not realize that we were in the same body.

I guess the gunman situation was mostly under control at this point because the spy started watching the movie, and then an attractive woman with light-color skin who looked and dressed and had a hairstyle from maybe the 1920s – 1950s sat next to him trying to seduce him it seemed.

At some point the woman was laying across his lap seductively looking at him and her pale old-style make-up seemed to make her glow from the light of the movie screen, she made sure to lay over his groin, and so he was starting to get an erection et cetera and I could feel everything he felt.

At some point he offered the woman a non-sexual massage and she agreed, and at some point a photograph was taken and then the woman said that she had lied to the man and that she was really 16 years old and not a woman like she had said earlier.

She basically set the spy up and said that she would use the photograph against him one day, and she left.

The spy left to find her, he assumed that she was an actress so he asked another old style-looking woman with light-color skin with curly short-medium yellow hair who was an actress about the woman, and she knew the woman but she only agreed to give him some vague clues on how to find her because she did not know his intentions.

The spy knew of a group of actors and actresses who would meet to practice acting, they were under investigation by the British intelligence agency that he worked for under suspicions of being Communists or Communist sympathizers, and so he went to their meeting location outside near what looked like the baseball field next to the civic center in the city of D.

He pretended to be a fellow actor and maybe him and the group got high on drugs and started to hallucinate, and he was able to manipulate everyone into seeing the same hallucination of them stopping a military missile that was shot from a military aircraft from hitting its target, and they cheered in excitement after they stopped the missile and the hallucinate disappeared like a cloud.

The actress who tricked the spy showed up, she now looked somewhat like the actress Kate Beckinsale, and she revealed that she really was a woman and had lied to the spy again and she seemed to be a spy as well who wanted to take the job of a female British spy who worked for the same agency as the man.

They walked toward a multi-story structure that belonged to the man’s agency that was located where the abandoned buildings are on the street where my former male classmate JB used to live, and in the structure was the female spy whose job the Kate Beckinsale-like woman wanted to take.

The woman possibly was priestess-like and maybe she had superpowers that were possibly given from the structure itself, and so maybe whoever was in control of the structure would temporarily have those superpowers so she wanted to somehow remove the woman from her job so that she could take it.

I remember the Kate Beckinsale-like woman saying: “A woman taking another woman’s job.” and maybe she wanted the male spy to help her take the female spy’s job in exchange for the photograph she took, but I woke up.

In the real world I needed to urinate like earlier in the dream.

Dream 2

The very end of this dream took place during the day and I was walking along a road or highway on the right side of the street behind The President Of The United States Donald Trump and a man with dark-color skin with short black hair who was walking in front of him, and I remember us talking about politics as we walked along the street alone as the occasional automobile drove around or past us.

I seemed to be doing most of the talking eventually because President Trump and the other man did not seem to agree with most of my political opinions so they were usually quiet while rolling their eyes, shaking their heads, looking annoyed and angry, and sometimes making sounds of disagreement.

Eventually I stopped talking much and I started avoiding talking about politics since they were reacting so negatively that it was not a conversation anymore so I was basically talking to myself, and so I tried to change the subject to get them to talk.

I realized that President Trump had no security with him, it was just the three of us walking alone in the road, and so it would be easy for someone to run us over or attack us and I remember a few people angrily yelling at us and blowing their horns at us for walking in the road.

I wondered why we were walking in the road and why was there no security with us, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream even though there was obviously more but I can only remember the very end of the dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

This was actually a series of many short dreams, dreams within dreams and dreams within virtual worlds, and even a collapsing dream inside a virtual world or dream world that became a lucid dream as it collapsed and I tried to summon several people as the dream collapsed.

I can not remember most of the dreams or most of the details because sometimes I was waking up inside dreams within dreams from virtual worlds and sometimes the real world and back to the dream world and virtual worlds, and sometimes I was not myself and sometimes I was inside the body of a virtual copy of myself.

Most of the early dreams probably involved me being myself and connecting to a virtual world inside the dreams using a machine, the virtual worlds were like dreams within a dream, and sometimes I would possess the body of a virtual copy of myself that possibly already existed in the virtual world and was possibly a sentient virtual clone of myself.

When I would disconnect from the virtual world I would return to the normal dream world to my body in that dream world, and maybe my virtual clone would be in control of his body again in the virtual world.

This is all confusing and unclear and there was a lot of moving back and forth between all of this, at some point the dreams probably started being of me being other people and / or inside the body of other people who were also connecting and disconnecting to virtual worlds, and some also had virtual clones of themselves that they would possibly possess.

During one of these dreams I was possibly a married man (not myself) with light-color skin who had a wife with light-color skin but I can not remember if they had children or not, but I can not remember if he was in control of the body or if I was or if we were both in control of the body.

I just remember him being worried about his virtual clone possibly possessing him and / or him becoming more like his virtual clone, we assumed that virtual clones were limited in what they could do, but we were not sure so we were trying to stop anything from happening so we kept connecting to the virtual world.

Eventually connecting to the virtual world seemed to become an addiction that we could not control, our wife warned us that we needed help, and we tried to talk our way out of it but our wife resisted and threatened to leave us if we did not get help.

I can not remember what else happened in that dream other than us acknowledging that she was correct.

I had another dream where I was myself again outside and inside a car during the day where my uncle CE’s house used to be and a slightly fictional version of The E House, and I was connecting to and disconnecting from the virtual world several times during this dream.

Sometimes I would see two male figures messing around The E House so I told my Uncle CE or my dad about it, and at some point after disconnecting from the virtual world I saw two male figures go up some fictional stairs of The E House that was at the front of the house and was open to the outside and led to a door that could take you to the upper floor.

The stairway curved so you could not see once someone entered without going up it yourself, and there were no lights so only the light from the open entrance lit the stairway.

I had a compact metal silver pistol hidden in a bag and I had it loaded and cocked and ready to use, and I walked up the stairway to confront the two male figures.

To my surprise they were my brothers KDC and TDC who had seen me watching them, and so they tried to hide up the stairway.

I noticed a large American cockroach near the door to the upper floor next to my brother TDC so I warned him, I said a few things to them about the situation, and then I left and I removed the round from the chamber of my pistol and I put it back on safety and I put the pistol up.

I then connected back to the virtual world and while in the virtual world I recognized it as a dream within a dream, and then the dream went lucid (became a lucid dream) as it became unstable and was starting to collapse by maybe slowly fading.

I possibly flew in the air using my mind and I hovered for a moment trying to quickly decide what to do as the virtual world faded away as the dream collapsed, and then I decided to try to summon my brother GC while hovering and pointing my hands toward the ground below.

I did not have time to focus or anything so it failed on the first try, I then tried to randomly summon someone and that random person was a Gwendoline Christie-like woman but that failed on the first try, and then I tried to summon Moment (Lost Truth).

It seemed that maybe I almost summoned a clump of clay-like stuff, but it was probably just the dream fading away and that is what I assumed that it was during the lucid dream.

I did not get to try again because the dream collapsed and either I woke up back in the normal dream first and then the real world second or I just woke up in the real world, but I am not sure which.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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