Black Mirror (Season 4)

What is it?

Season 4 of the British science fiction anthology television show Black Mirror.

What is it about?

This is how Metacritic describes this television show:

The [fourth] season of the British anthology-styled drama returns with new episodes including one directed by Jodie Foster.

Final Thoughts

My brother GC and me watched this in two days on Netflix and it was another good season, definitely better than season 2 (which is my least favorite season), and I am glad that it was made because this was one of my favorite television shows of 2017 after watching all the seasons so far.

I will list the episodes from maybe best to worst or my favorite to least favorite.


I wish that this episode had went on a bit longer so that we could have seen what would happen next, it was good to see Andrea Riseborough acting again, and her and Kiran Sonia Sawar did a good job and I liked Mrs. Sawar’s character.

I like the location that this was filmed in because it helped set and amplify the mood, and I like how they took a risk doing something like this.

This was like a movie and it was interesting watching how it escalated.

I think that this episode should be renamed to No Witnesses.

Black Museum

This was a great ending episode for the season, and it was almost my favorite episode.

USS Callister

I did not know what to expect with this episode, and it surprised me because I was not expecting it to suddenly go in the direction that it did.


Jodie Foster directed this episode so I was looking forward to it, unfortunately I was disappointed by this episode and its lack of diversity and lack of certain details and it was not as good as I had expected it to be, but I did like that the focus was on a mother and daughter.

I liked how the young actress who was used during the parts when her character first went to school managed to make things believable with her facial expressions and body language, and even her eyes; she acted and looked like how I would expect someone to act and look in that situation, and so it is a shame that we did not get to see her act more.


This episode was very focused and lacked much story or detail or dialogue, it came and went without dragging too much, which is why it managed to win next-to-last place.

I think that this episode should be renamed to maybe Metal Dogs.

Hang The DJ

This was probably my least favorite episode because it dragged and had unnecessary content at times, there were some things that I liked about it especially near the end, but it was not enough to prevent it from getting last place even though I like some of the concept.

I think that this episode should be renamed to The System.

I hope that there will be a season 5.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Black Mirror (Season 4)”

Hello True George,

You should probably check out Black Mirror one day, the first two seasons are only 3 episodes each but the third and fourth seasons are longer than the first two while still being shorter than most television shows, I am not a fan of the second season though.

Unfortunately I probably never seen a full episode of The Twilight Zone, I saw some parts of some here and there, but I assume that would be considered a compliment to be compared to that show; maybe Black Mirror is like the short British version of The Twilight Zone.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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