Getting Massaged At Work

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered a variety of dreams but did not voice record them each time that I woke up and when I woke up for work I forgot to record my dreams, and so it was not until late afternoon while at work that I realized that I did not voice record my dreams.

At that point I forgot them, but while working I remembered part of the first dream.

In the evening while lifting weights outside I remembered part of the second dream.

During the night while jogging outside I remembered part of the third dream, but my other remember dreams were forgotten.

I also remembered that one day recently I had a dream where I was starting to have sex I think, but that is all that I can remember of that dream because I woke up while it was happening or starting.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place at The BP Library and I was working at my shelver job shelving books in the new book section, and two of my female coworkers were at the front desk behind me.

Out the corner of my left eye I saw a woman enter the library behind me and she walked in my direction from behind me, and I saw her reaching for me and she grabbed me by the shoulders from behind and she started massaging my shoulders and back and arms.

I was shocked and confused and I was not sure what to do in this awkward situation, I looked at my two female coworkers in confusion, and I greeted the woman and I asked her if she needed help with anything as she continued to massage me from behind.

I can not remember what she said but I think that she said that she was just helping me out by giving me a massage, I still was not sure how to handle this situation, but I thanked her for trying to help me hoping that she would stop but she did not.

It did not seem like a friendly massage but a sexual massage, and the woman probably starting commenting about my muscles et cetera as she continued to massage me in an increasingly sexual way from behind as I stood there confused and uncomfortable and embarrassed and not sure how to handle this and I was not sure who the woman was I did not really get a good look at her because she was behind me.

I probably started trying to politely respond to the woman in a way to hopefully end this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved a father and son working together, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

Near the end of this dream it was afternoon and an angry somewhat unstable version of our neighbor Mr. RD seemed to be starting a small store in a storage building on bricks down the street near where a church should be.

I went inside the store and there were tables set up with various items for sale and honey buns was one of the items, Mr. RD was probably setting things up and deciding on prices, and I seemed to be helping him almost like I was working there too.

At some point I left back home and on my way back I heard Mr. RD talking loudly and angrily with someone inside his house with the front door open, and he was talking to my dad.

Mr. RD was complaining about how my dad helps people and he was talking a bit like a Christian preacher at times like maybe he was a preacher in this dream but I am not sure, and Mr. RD felt that my dad was too kind and helped people too much.

Mr. RD believed that people should have to work and help themselves mostly, anyway, I walked home.

Later in the evening I returned to the store which was open and lit up, there was someone shopping inside but Mr. RD was not there, and then a woman with light-color skin with long dark-color hair entered the store wanting to buy some honey buns but either they were sold out or there was only one left.

The woman asked me how much a certain item cost, I assumed that it was $1 but I was not sure, and so I was going to try to find Mr. RD to ask him but the woman walked outside trying to pay for it herself by mashing buttons on a cash register that was outside on a table that was not there earlier in the dream like she possibly worked as a cashier before.

The cash register did not open so the woman asked me if I worked there, I told her that I was not sure, and that I would go ask Mr. RD about how much that item cost and that someone wanted to buy it.

She was in a rush so she said that she would leave the money under the cash register, and then she left in her automobile.

I walked toward Mr. RD’s house wondering why I could not remember if I worked at his store or not, I also was going to recommend that he put price tags on all items, and I was going to find out if he was officially open for business or not and I was going to recommend that he keep the cash register inside.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr