A Shared Dreaming Experience With Amarna Miller?

Yesterday after work I was tired, so I took a break from researching which computer I am going to buy or build because my ancient custom-built computer from 2005 finally broke (probably the CPU, which is a first for me, but it is over 12 years old so rest in peace CPU) maybe last week, so I have been struggling trying to use a laptop that I got to work again because the keyboard keys are flat and hard to type on and the port on the motherboard that holds the keyboard cable in place is broken so sometimes the cursor will jump somewhere which messes you up and slows you down, anyway I took a nap to rest before the anime comes on, I woke up from a dream remembering it but I got up quickly and it left my mind.

After that nap I did not have enough time to type my dreams from yesterday before 5 1/2 hours of anime showed on Toonami so that is why I did not type my dreams then and will type them after I type this post, after watching anime I went to sleep on the living room couch, and I woke up remembering another dream but it left my mind too when I got up too quickly to get ready to get in bed.

After getting in bed I had more dreams but needing to use the bathroom and getting a bit cold caused me to wake up suddenly a few times and I could not record them before forgetting them too, and later when I woke up my MP3 player was not working properly so I could not voice record my dreams so I was forced to type some lazy notes on my mobile phone.

I had at least one daydream within a dream, at least one dream, and at least one dream within a dream involving me dating Amarna Miller; I can not remember how many dreams and daydreams within dreams and dreams within dream I had or which is which so I will have to guess based on the few dream fragments that I do remember and I will type them as one even though there were several dreams.

I think that I was in a dream when I possibly had a daydream within the dream and / or a dream within a dream where somehow I maybe met and ended up going on a date with Amarna at a nice restaurant with white table cloths on round wooden tables.

Our date went well and Amarna ended up telling me about herself and about how she was a pornographic actress, but she either just quit or was quitting or would quit if we started dating since she knew that I would not want her continuing to have that job.

Amarna and me started dating and she was done being a pornographic actress like she said and various things happened during our relationship (normal stuff, and maybe she was teaching me Spanish), but at some point she was given an offer to do a pornographic film for a lot of money and she was considering taking the offer so that she could use that money to buy us a house so she talked with me about it first.

I understood her reasoning but I did not want her to do it, I could not stop her if she decided to do it so I offered a compromise, and so I asked her to at least wait to see if I can find her work in a normal film first; she agreed to wait, and I tried to find her another film role that would pay the same amount or more than the pornographic film role but I was having problems finding this and time was running out.

At some point the daydream within a dream or the dream within a dream ended, but Amarna and I were still dating in the normal dream and / or the next dream and one of those dreams and / or the dreams that I am about to type also involved my mom in some way but I can not remember how (maybe we talked to her somewhere in person and / or by phone) and my dad was possibly in a dream so I assume that I introduced Amarna to my family.

At the end of another dream it was a gray day and I was walking outside and I decided to check the newspaper at The E House since I was walking by there on my way back home, but I saw my uncle CE’s truck hiding behind a tree or bush in the empty yard where his house used to be.

I did not feel like being seen so I tried to avoid being seen or heard, I did not see him though, and so I quietly checked for the newspaper and I found a lot of newspapers scattered around the front yard of The E House like no one had checked them in over a week.

I had to shake water off of some of them as I put the newspapers in a plastic bag, and then I sneaked away but as I was passing the boat and boat port my now girlfriend Amarna from the other dream(s) walked over to me so I let her know that we had to be quiet to avoid being noticed by my uncle CE.

We talked about our future together and some other things and she told me that she found another high paying film role, but it was going to possibly have some pornographic-like parts to it so while this film role was better I still did not like it but Amarna tried to convince me and I asked her if she was sure that she did not want me to continue trying to find a better film role for her.

The next thing that I remember is possibly the end of a dream within a dream, and my still girlfriend Amarna and me were outside of The BP Library during maybe another somewhat gray day when we got attacked by waves of police and SWAT but I can not remember what led up to this or anything but I assume that it was a mistake on their part.

They probably did not see Amarna because I had her hide behind the pillars at the front of the library, and I used the pillars for partial cover as the waves of law enforcement officers attacked in straight lines from the left and right which was in front of and behind us.

I had the environmental advantage because they were in the open and I had some cover, during most of our shootout I possibly used a video game-like character or summon to do the shooting while I controlled him, but I can not remember because my memory is too unclear and confused.

The character or summon and / or I crouched while shooting which seemed to cause the police and SWAT to not be able to see us much and they could not get a good shot at us so they would barely shoot, and that gave us time to line up our shots and reload our guns and allowed us to be winning the shootout and this crouching trick made the police act stupid like a video game glitch or something.

We killed wave after wave of police until I possibly only had one gun and a few shots left, which was a pump-action shotgun with only 3 or 4 shots at this point after my better weapons ran out of ammunition, and if I was not shooting myself before I probably was now and I shot the last SWAT members even killing two with one shot from the 12 gauge shotgun shooting probably buckshot.

I think that all of the bodies would disappear after getting shot and so would their equipment and ammunition shells but my shotgun shells hit the ground and would bounce and make noise and did not disappear at the end but the shells possibly shot by my possible video game character or summon possibly did disappear, after winning I picked up my shotgun shells and Amarna and me started cleaning up the bit of evidence left behind, and we waited to see if more police would arrive to see if they were after us or to see if they would know what happened and to possibly explain the situation to them hoping to end this misunderstanding where we had to defend ourselves.

Oddly there was never anyone around during all of this or after, we sat on the ground or on the walkway on maybe a fictional hill by the patron parking lot waiting, and we talked about the situation and our future together et cetera.

We were very comfortable together and I hoped that there were no witnesses or evidence that could link this to us, and even if there was some I wished that we would not get in trouble once they realized that we were just defending ourselves and that they had made the mistake.

I did not want us to spend the rest of our lives in prison or for us to be killed for this which would ruin the rest of our lives together.

As we talked I started to remember parts of the daydream(s) within dreams and dreams and dreams within dreams, I started trying to decide which was which before trying to decide if I was really in the real world of if I was still in a dream, and I felt that Amarna and me had one or more shared dreaming experiences so I asked her to tell me about some of the dreams that she remembered with the two of us so that I could compare the dream details with the dreams that I remembered.

She remembered some of the forgotten parts of my dreams and some of the parts that I did remember, and so I was correct about us having a shared dreaming experience it seemed.

As Amarna continued sharing the dream details that she remembered I kept comparing them with mine and putting the pieces together to help me separate things while trying to decide which things were real and which were fake, and I told her that we were possibly still dreaming and having a shared dream experience now but I needed more time to put the pieces together to see if I was correct or not.

But I woke up as I was doing all of this.

In the real world it was a gray day and my uncle CE called for the first time this year surprisingly, possibly just coincidences though.

The end,

-John Jr

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