A New Nephew?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream took place in a fictional house that looked like a combination of The E House and a fictional house, and I was there with most of my family.

My brothers TDC and KDC probably left early in the dream to return to college, my dad was possibly on vacation and at home since he is not the traveling type, and my brother CC and a baby boy who I assume was either a new fictional nephew or a fictional version of my nephew CC (my brother CC’s son in real life) were visiting us it seemed.

I remember being in a bedroom with my brother CC and the baby boy who I assume was my new nephew, I remember talking with my brother CC as we played with the baby, and I got to hold the baby and we were having fun.

At some point the baby spoke to my surprise, he seemed too young to speak so that surprised me a bit, and he pointed to his butt (diaper) and he said: “Butt, booty.” like he was signaling that he needed a diaper change.

I remember my brother CC and me laughing, I told my brother CC that the baby probably needed a diaper change, and so he probably went to change the diaper but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is probably being in a large narrow bathroom inside the house that was big enough for several of us to use at the same time, I was possibly just finishing taking a bath or shower so I was getting dressed, and my brother GC walked into the bathroom and we talked as I got dressed and as I closed some curtains and as he did whatever he was doing.

I remember my brother GC saying that he was about to take his vacation or was just starting his vacation, and that he wished that our brothers KDC and TDC were here because our dad was on vacation and was here at the house and was a bit annoying so he wished that our brothers KDC and TDC were here because things were too quiet and there were fewer distractions for our dad.

I also remember us talking about a video that was maybe from a movie or commercial or television show or something with the actor Jon Hamm in it but that is all that I can remember of that, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sade – Is It A Crime

What is it?

Today’s song is the song Is It A Crime by Sade from the album Promise.

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