A “Mean” Gene Okerlund-Like Man Gets Interviewed

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place at a shopping mall-like place and there was some kind of emergency from a storm and / or government / military exercise, and so we were possibly force to shelter in place and / or something like that.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day in the driveway of a house that looked somewhat like our neighbor Mr. RD’s house, and a man who reminded me of “Mean” Gene Okerlund was sitting on a stool outside in the driveway next to a male journalist with light-color skin with brown hair wearing a suit who was about to interview him about a new movie that he was in that was going to be released soon.

The interview started nice but things changed quickly when the interviewer asked him if he was still a Mormon, and he looked uncomfortable and he paused before answering in a somewhat vague way that only said that faith was still important to him or something like that.

The interviewer then asked if the Mormon church would be offended by his soon to be released movie and if the movie had insulted the religion of Mormonism, he looked very uncomfortable at this point and scared and more, and he paused before then running inside his house like he was either going to kill himself and / or hide.

The interviewer was confused and not sure what was going on, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream started at The BP Library and I was working, and there was a fictional older woman with light-color skin with short yellow hair who was possibly on the library board or some kind of other high level job that is somewhat related to The BP Library who was there too and maybe she now had a director job or another job high level job at The BP Library.

I remember talking to some of my coworkers like my female coworker K as I worked, and at some point the new fictional employee and / or board member walked over to talk to me and I remember her removing a fake black spider that she found on the top of my head for some reason so I thanked her.

This fictional woman probably had a strong and in control personality that probably left my coworkers and me being cautious and uncomfortable around her; it was like having a board member or someone observing us and grading us or something.

Anyway, at some point during my break I decided to go home to use the bathroom which makes no sense, and once at home I realize that I did not clock out and I did not tell anyone that I was about to leave temporarily and that I needed to get back to work before someone noticed that I was gone.

I started to panic a bit and I hoped that no one noticed (especially the fictional woman), but I woke up before I could get back to work.

The end,

-John Jr

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