A Class And Helping Babysit Some Children

Dream 1

This dream involved me being with a class and some of my former classmates / schoolmates like my former male classmate AJ and my former male schoolmate / classmate DD were there too, and my last former high school principal Mr. T was with us and he was the principal in this dream as well.

I am not sure if I was a student or not, I just remember us going inside and outside of a multi-purpose building during the dream that had a restaurant, and we went to the restaurant.

Something happened that I can not remember where maybe an unstable man with a gun tried to kill us, and maybe I shot him before he could hurt anyone but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is my mom was with us and she had two children with her who she was babysitting who were too young to walk on their own, and so they were walking in baby walkers.

A woman with light-color skin with maybe long brown hair who was possibly a waitress at the restaurant had two young girls with light-color skin with long medium-to-dark hair, and she asked me to babysit her two daughters so I did.

We all moved to an indoor and outdoor area that was like the yard and house and laundry building of The E House combined with the rest of the building, and I watched the two daughters of the woman and I helped babysit the two children in the baby walkers when my mom needed to go somewhere briefly.

The two children in the baby walkers were walking around and they were very happy and smiling and having fun in their baby walkers just like my four brothers used to be when I used to help watch them when they were younger, and the two girls kept going outside to explore so I had to split my attention between the two sets of children at the same time because two were inside and two were outside.

At some point the two girls went to an area where the boat should be and I could not see them, and so I had to walk over there and my mom returned to watch the other two children as I was doing this.

On the ground there was a dead cow-like animal with brown fur on the ground next to a stack of pallets that were raised on a pallet jack-like thing and / or forklift, one large pallet had dripping wet red paint on it that looked like blood (maybe it was blood, but I do not think so), and the girls were getting too close to the pallets and I feared that they would cause them to collapse on them so I told them to get back but they did not listen.

I was forced to go get them and then the pallets started to fall straight down after one of the girls probably touched something on the pallet jack-like thing, and I had to grab them to stop them from falling long enough for the girls to move out-of-the-way.

I told the girls to move before they get crushed but I could not see them, I held the pallets as long as I could before they fell, and red paint or whatever it was splashed like something or something got smashed.

I was not sure if it was one of the girls who got crushed or if it was just the red paint or whatever so I panicked a bit as I looked for the girls, and fortunately they both were okay.

I walked them back inside, and I checked on the other two children and my mom and the class.

I possibly woke up from this dream because my stomach possibly started to bubble in the dream and the real world, and I woke up to my stomach bubbling in the real world.

I wanted to take some apple cider vinegar for it but I did not want to risk it because you do not want to take that on an empty stomach, and so I went back to sleep and hoped for the best until I could eat breakfast later and then take some apple cider vinegar.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by Vikings (season 5) that I watched an episode of last night, and the dream involved characters from that show talking and preparing for war and trying to prevent war / conflict and more; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr