My Mom Gets Arrested | The United States Gets Invaded?

I got awakened from my dreams last night by a bad storm that came out of nowhere.

I heard strange icy rain-like sounds hitting the air conditioner, and then I heard strong winds like a tornado or something, but it calmed down quickly.

I went back to sleep without recording my dreams, probably.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of W Park in the city of D, and I was there with my mom and some of my brothers.

At some point, I was near a fictional area where the swimming pool should be that was a painted concrete-like structure and wall on the side that I was facing.

On the other side which faced the street there was playground equipment that possibly built into or close to it like a slide.

While I was in this area, I noticed Danielle Dallaire from Double Toasted standing with a man with dark-color skin, and somehow we all ended up talking.

At some point, Danielle started to climb the structure / wall for fun, and she wanted us to join her.

The other man joined her, but I stood there reluctantly letting her know that it was probably not a good idea, but eventually she got me to climb up there too.

As I climbed I could feel the texture et cetera of the structure in very realistic detail, even how the painted areas felt different, and I was amazed by the details.

So I started letting them know the details that I was noticing as I climbed to the top with them.

At the top there seemed to a custom painted design that I felt was hand-painted by an artist, and I explained the details of how this painted area felt different from the others.

We were having fun, and then we climbed to the other side, and we slid down the slide.

Then I noticed a male police officer with light-color skin with short yellow hair who was arresting my mom as she asked why she was being arrested and as she said that she did not do anything.

I walked over asking what was going on, but a male police officer with light-color skin with short black hair who possibly was from Korea.

He slightly reminded me of my former classmate SS who was from South Korea, blocked my path and told us to stay back.

The police officers would not answer our questions, I was annoyed, so was my mom and Danielle.

So I told my mom to follow their commands and to not tell them anything, and that I would get my brothers and then try to get her a lawyer.

Danielle started to call people on her mobile phone to get my mom a lawyer, she possibly had a friend who was a lawyer.

So she was going to handle that while I get my brothers, who were still in the park somewhere.

I was angry and annoyed and confused because I could see no reason that my mom would ever be arrested.

I knew not to argue with the police and I knew to follow their commands, and I was going to let the lawyer handle this because I have no experience with stuff like this.

My job now was to get my brothers, get a lawyer, contact the rest of my family, and then go to the police station to help my mom.

I was glad that Danielle had stepped in to help me.

I woke up as I went to find my brothers as the police officer who blocked my path followed me for some reason as my mom was being taken to a police car in handcuffs by the other police officer.

Dream 2

This dream is so confusing and unclear and messed up and weird that the details are possibly all messed up, and it is very incomplete, and so expect errors and for it to not make much sense.

This dream took place during the day, and I was in a fictional version of The United States I assume, and maybe The United States got invaded.

I am not sure if I was seeing this in person or on the news, but I think that I remember seeing very strange aircraft.

This could be wrong, but maybe they were somewhat clear and / or silver and / or some other colors and maybe strange somewhat pointy bent somewhat measuring spoon or kitchen utensil-like triangular fighter aircraft-shaped that I have never seen before attacking.

I am not sure if they were non-human and / or human aircraft that were attacking, so I am not sure who or what was attacking The United States, I assume.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a multi-story multipurpose building that was possibly a combination of a hotel, college and dorm, convention center, and who knows what else.

I was inside a small auditorium-like room with my mom and most of her side of the family and some other people.

We seemed to be taking cover as the invasion happened, and we were not sure if we would live or die.

I had a slight feeling that we would live and that this would be over soon.

As we waited, there was something strange that I can not remember that happened that involved a movie about a group of people (ethnic group) who were treated terribly, and the movie or whatever was about their struggle.

After this, one of my aunts explained that the movie was based on / stolen from the true story of a group of people from Africa who were some of our ancestors.

The movie stole or borrowed a lot of our ancestor’s story and used it for another group of people (ethnic group) from a different continent instead of the actual group of people the story was from, oddly.

People started to get very worried and started to feel that we might die, and one of my aunts started singing maybe an old African American spiritual.

My family members and me had an emotional moment together as my aunt sang / sung.

If we were going to die, I felt that: it was good to at least be with family members, even though I do not have much contact at all with most of them, and that we were having this emotional moment together.

At that moment, it seemed that we could die at any moment.

Then I was proved correct as we got news that the invasion was over or had stopped because maybe there were going to peace talks or at least a temporary end to the fighting.

We started to leave the room and I ended up walking on an upper floor of the building down a hallway.

As I passed through a lobby, I saw my coworker Mrs. C who is an assistant-director of The BP Library and her husband J sitting in the lobby.

There is a possibility that we were on our work trip in the city of New Orleans (NO) for a library convention that we will be going to later this year.

So maybe they were waiting for all of us coworkers to return to the lobby and for us to get our hotel rooms now that the fighting was over.

I have no idea, and I can not remember if I said anything to them or not (I probably did).

I walked through the lobby down a hall that probably went to the college and dorm areas.

The college was probably straight ahead, and the dorm was probably on a hallway on the right side, and I went to the hall on the right side.

I saw some dorm rooms that were behind walls like normal, some that were in mostly clear rooms, and some that were just along the sides of the main hall and were open oddly.

Something strange happened that I can not remember exactly, no one else was around this area.

Something weird and almost augmented reality-like happened, where maybe I was somehow given the choice to summon a woman into the dream.

There was possibly a floating selection screen where I could select the woman I wanted to summon.

Maybe I started strolling through the list by just pointing my finger in the air to move this list, which showed each woman one-at-a-time.

I decided to just go with the first woman who came to my mind, and suddenly the selection screen jumped to the first woman who came to my mind randomly.

The first woman was Loona Luxx, so I selected her.

Loona Luxx appeared in the air holding the wall and standing on the ledge over the entrance to this hall to the left near an open dorm room that had two beds.

Loona Luxx was thinner and did not have plastic surgery and looked more natural without much makeup.

She was wearing a strange leather of fake leather tight red and black outfit where the pants part looked almost like chaps, but there were openings down both sides instead of the back.

I decided to move to a bed behind in the open dorm room even though it obviously belonged to someone, and I sat and maybe laid on the bed.

Loona Luxx was still standing on the ledge of the entrance, and she started doing a sexy dance before joining me on the bed where we lay together talking a bit and snuggling before having sex.

We never did get to have sex because a college student with light-color skin with medium-length orange / yellow hair was walking toward our hall.

I felt that he was probably the roommate of who ever owned the bed that we were on, so we got up.

I quickly adjusted the bed, I possibly told Loona Luxx that we needed to leave, and she possibly disappeared or something because I did not see her again after this.

I took out my wallet to put some money on the bed, since I briefly used this person’s bed without permission.

While I was doing this, I saw something that somehow showed me the owner of this bed, and he was a college student with medium-color skin with black hair who was probably from India.

In my wallet I had some old money and some money that someone gave me earlier in a forgotten part of the dream from something I either sold to them or for something I did for them or that they owned me.

So I put one of the new bills on the bed so that I could leave before the other roommate sees me in their dorm room.

But I noticed that the bill felt fake like paper, and then I noticed that it was printed vertically instead of horizontally.

It was counterfeit money, to my surprise, so I put it back in my wallet.

I checked the rest of the new bills, and they were also counterfeit and some looked like foreign currency that I have never seen before.

I took out some of my old money and I put one or more of those bills on the bed, but the other roommate entered the room because I took too long because of the money situation.

I kept my back facing him so that he could not see my face, he started talking to me and I nodded my head trying to avoid talking mostly, and eventually I escaped when I had a chance.

He never did realize that I was not his real roommate because I never let him see my face or really hear much of my voice.

As I walked, at some point I reached an area where a Chinese triad with guns were attacking people.

Somehow I ended up having a pistol with a silencer, and I started shooting the triad members who probably attacked me first, so I assumed that they were the villains of the situation.

I killed all the triad members, and then I left.

I am not sure if I had the silenced pistol hidden on me or not.

The next think that I remember is walking outside during the day on a sidewalk toward a fictional building or fictional version of The HD Head Start school that had tall steps leading up to the front entrance.

I remember a police car driving up the street behind me, I was worried that they might stop me, but they did not.

I walked up the steps of the building, then I heard my dad calling me, so I turned around.

My dad was in what looked like The BV that was converted into an extended cab truck somehow, and he was asking where my mom was.

I told him that we got split up when we left the auditorium-like room, but I knew what building she was in last.

I got into the truck with him so that we could find my mom, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 replies on “My Mom Gets Arrested | The United States Gets Invaded?”

Weirdly printed money is one of my reoccurring dream themes. Sometimes it’s brightly comes with interesting images, sometimes printed vertical like in your dream, and often of inaccurate denominations like $3 bills, $25 bills, $150 bills, etc. I wonder how common this is in other people’s dreams.

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Hello Moment,

Interesting, so I stumbled onto one of your reoccurring dream themes, thank you for sharing that.

I rarely have money in my dreams oddly, but now that you mention it I think that some of the counterfeit money in this dream possibly had no longer used and never used amounts (I think that $2 was one of them).

That is a good question, and I wonder how common is this as well.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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