My Former Classmate AJ Looking For Her Missing Older Sister

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I forgot most of my dreams and most of this dream expect for barely part of it.

The dream took place in and around a fictional version of MS University during the day, and for some unknown reason I went to and through and around MS University several times during the dream even though I was no longer a student there.

Several times during the dream I saw my former female classmate AJ walking around MS University as well, I possibly talked to her and maybe she explained that she was looking for her older sister who went missing at this college years ago, and so she comes to this college every year on the anniversary of her older sister’s disappearance to look for her and trying to find out what happened to her.

At some point in the dream I was inside a building at MS University.

It was at least 1 1/2 stories and I was on the upper floor on my way to an escalator or some stairs trying to reach the first floor I think, but there was a female security guard with medium-color skin wearing a security uniform who was controlling who could enter that area so she stopped me.

I told her that I used to be a student here and I asked her if I could show her my old student ID to prove this, I never did finish college but she seemed to assume that I was one of the alumni, and so she said that I could use my old student ID as proof so I took it out of my pocket and I showed it to her.

I then told her what year I started college and what year I left, I did not explain that I had dropped out and I let her assume that I had graduated, and then I started talking about various memories and things from that time to prove that I was a former student and this worked.

The security guard then treated me like one of the alumni and like someone who knew some important people at the college, and she let me pass but as I was walking down my former classmate AJ tried to pass and the security guard stopped her.

My former classmate AJ explained that she was trying to find her older sister who went missing years ago at this college, but the security guard would not let her pass because she was not a student.

My former classmate AJ started to beg and to try to force her way through as she got very emotional, and so I calmed her down and I tried to convince the security guard to let her through.

I once again used some talking skills and I used the security guard’s assumptions to either get her to accept a compromise where she would let my former classmate AJ pass through with a visitors pass as a visitor I was bringing on campus and I had to make sure that she followed the rules et cetera during her visit or she said that she would do that if I got one of the higher level employees to accept it first.

Either way I woke up right after either walking down with my former classmate AJ or after walking to talk to a high level employee.

The end,

-John Jr