Getting Chased By A Woman’s Twin Sister

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside a multi-purpose building that was part hospital and part college and part who knows what else, and at some point I was in an underground-like part of the building.

My former 3rd grade teacher Mrs. LB was over a group of people, I am not sure if I was in the group or not, and at some point I followed her to another area where she had some people working and doing some construction in an area that possibly seemed beach-like even though we were inside but I can not remember.

My former teacher Mrs. LB gave the workers some orders and then she walked down a hallway to the right so I followed, there were some vending machines in the hallway so I stopped to look at them, and Mrs. LB continued on until she was gone.

As I looked at the vending machines a woman with light-color skin with medium-length yellow and maybe slightly orange color hair walked by, and so I greeted her with a smile but I am not sure if I said anything or not and she smiled back at me and she kept walking and maybe she glanced back at me but I can not remember.

After she was gone I continued walking down the hallway until I reached the end of it which had some bookshelves on the sides of it with books and things on them and there were some stairs and some doors, and so I stopped to look at the items on the shelves.

While I was doing this a somewhat older woman with light-color skin and her daughter who looked exactly like the woman I saw in the hallway walked by and stopped behind me to talk, and I greeted them with a smile but I can not remember if I said anything or not and they smiled back.

I assumed that the woman was the twin sister of the previous woman I saw, I thought that this was interesting and rare, and I heard the woman and her mother talking about if their sister / daughter would meet up with them or not.

They both assumed that she was not coming as usual, and they said that she usually does her own thing and does not meet up with them so they were not going to waste time waiting on her this time.

I wanted to tell them that I saw a woman earlier who was possibly their sister / daughter, but I can not remember if I said anything to them or not.

I just remember them talking like they were trying to get my attention hoping that I would join their conversation, I did not take the bait so they started talking about me like they were flirting with me or something, and then I turned to talk to them.

Our conversation got interrupted by their sister / daughter who walked over angrily, she seemed to be claiming me as hers like we were dating or married or something, and she was angry that her twin sister was flirting with me and she accused her of various things.

They started arguing and I tried to calm down the situation by letting her know that we were just talking and that I did not even know who any of them were and that I was not in a relationship with any of them or her, but she possibly pulled out a gun and started chasing us or she just started chasing us.

She seemed a bit unstable and quick to anger, and I remember her chasing us through the building across several floors and stairways and no one in the building seemed to notice or care about what was going on so no one helped us or called the police.

At some point the woman possibly shot and killed her twin sister or knocked her unconscious, I am not sure what happened to the mother (maybe she was left behind when we started running), but I can not remember what happened next.

I am not sure if I kept running or what I did, I remembered when I woke up, but I forgot before I could finish voice recording this dream.

My wild guess is that I possibly escaped her or she stopped chasing me now that her sister was probably dead so she no longer had any competition so I guess in her mind I was hers again or something, but I am not sure and that is a wild guess.

The end,

-John Jr

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