A Long Standoff With Hidden Gunmen

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream seemed to be inspired by a dream post by Lost Truth (Moment) called: Terrifying Dream In Full Blown Darkness.

I call these type of dreams quicksand-like dreams because it is almost like you are being trapped in the real world and the dream world, these dreams can leave you feeling drained and trapped in the dream world and real world, they can repeat or keep continuing as you wake up and go back to sleep in the dream and / or in the real world.

I had more dreams but now I only remember part of my last dream which was a dream that I woke up from several times feeling drained and trapped in the real world and the dream world, and I kept going back to sleep into this dream world continuing where I left off in the dream which probably helped me forget my other dreams.

All that I can remember of this continuing quicksand-like dream is that it took place inside a large one-story Walmart / warehouse / library-like building, and I was there with other people including a male library patron with light-color skin with short brown / maybe slightly orange and yellow hair who probably chews tobacco and who often comes to The BP Library with his mom.

We were in a large mostly open room that was Walmart-like and warehouse-like and library-like, and I was standing by shelves near the library-like area, and the middle of the room had a lot of empty space and the ceiling was tall.

The section that I was in was on the right middle side, near the back left side was an opening to another part of the building, and to the left of my section at the back in the middle was an opening to an empty warehouse-like room that had another opening that led down narrow areas that probably led to the exit at the back of the building.

At some point an unknown thin man who was possibly wearing a jacket and maybe a hat pulled out a pistol among the crowd, and he seemed to be pointing his pistol at me and focusing on me and headed toward me.

I yelled to let the others know and I pulled out my mobile phone still in its holster and I pretended that it was a pistol, and I pointed it at the gunman yelling for him to stop and put down the gun as I took cover behind a shelf.

The gunman took cover in the crowd and the chaos as people ran, screamed, hid, et cetera.

The male library patron I recognized pulled out a real pistol and I let him know that I was really only holding my mobile phone, and I tried to get us to work together against the gunman.

The crowd ended up splitting into two groups with my group staying closer to the warehouse-like room and the other group standing closer to the other side, and the gunman kept hiding among the crowd with us only briefly getting glances at each other and pointing our weapons and my fake weapon at each other.

Things became a standoff, with us not knowing who the gunman was or how many there were, and during our standoff there were a few others with guns.

The dream became long and draining like days had passed and people became tired and delirious, including me because we could not sleep or eat or drink, and so we could only sit on the floor sometimes.

I was worried about us getting flanked by the gunmen, I am not sure if any shots were fired, but one or more gunmen possibly sneaked into from the back exit in our area and maybe some sneaked in from the front entrance near the other area and I remember us pointing weapons and my fake weapon at each other but they possibly hid among the crowds eventually.

I wanted to secure the entrances and exits of the building but I was afraid that the gunmen would flank us if even one of us tried to do this, and I did not have a real weapon.

I wanted to at least secure the back entrance near the warehouse room where I was, but I was too cautious and worried about my side getting flanked and taken over so I continued to wait and try to stay alert even though I was tried and drained and delirious.

When I would wake up briefly I felt tired and drained and trapped in bed, and I would go back to sleep continuing the dream feeling the same way.

This was annoying, and it seemed that the gunmen were trying to wear us down and make us paranoid et cetera and it was working.

I did what I could to keep my side from turning on each other and dropping their guard or doing something stupid, but it was not easy.

If we kept this up the gunmen and any more that might sneak in would probably win, and so we were in a bad situation.

I do not like taking risks usually but it seemed that I would have to, having me try to secure the exit at least with my mobile phone as a fake gun was a risk that we could take, because if I died then at least we would not lose a real gun.

So I was close to risking my life to secure the exit, but I tried to think up a larger plan that would also reduce risks for everyone.

But I woke up for good finally at some point, and I had to exercise to break out of the drained feeling.

The end,

-John Jr