Porco Rosso (Kurenai No Buta)

What is it?

The Japanese anime (animated) comedy adventure movie Porco Rosso.

Porco Rosso – Trailer

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this animated movie:

Master animator Hayao Miyazaki directs this tale about a former World War I flying ace who is also a pig.

Slouching toward middle age, Porco Rosso makes his living by flying about in his bright red bi-plane and fighting sky bandits who prey on cruise ships sailing the Adriatic.

When he’s not engaging in dogfights, this porcine pilot lives on a deserted island retreat.

Porco Rosso was once a strapping young man, but after his entire squadron was wiped out, he was mysteriously transformed into a pig.

Rosso is defeated in a dogfight against a dashing American rival, who has been hired by the dastardly bandits.

With his plane damaged, he finds a repair hangar near Milan run by an aging mechanic named Piccolo, and his spunky granddaughter Fio.

Initially skeptical of her mechanical prowess, Rosso is amazed when she and a legion of local women fix his plane. Soon, Porco Rosso is ready to battle his rival.

~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Porco Rosso (trailer | english) 1992

Final Thoughts

This movie is interesting because it is a family film with very subtle adult themes (war and some of its effects / affects on those involved in it, getting old, et cetera) that most children and even many adults may not notice when watching the movie because those themes are very subtle and often not well explained.

This movie was alright with some nice animation and attention to detail as usual, but I did not like it as much as most people though.

PORCO ROSSO Blu-ray/DVD Review (Studio Ghibli) | Rotoscopers

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Porco Rosso (Kurenai No Buta)”

Hello The Otaku Judge,

Wow, lucky you to have watched some animes like this back then, even though I was alive before that time it was not until later that I got to see some of the Studio Ghibli movies.

Thank you for sharing that, I actually did not know that until I was making this post, I had no idea that was his voice when I watched it.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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