Someone Thinking About Global Issues

I did not get out of bed to voice record this dream until later, I kept trying to go back to sleep while still trying to keep the memory of this dream in my mind, and so I forgot some of this dream including some of the songs that I heard during it.

I do not think that I was in the dream at this point, so I assume that I was somehow seeing things, and someone else was the main character of the dream at this point and maybe this person was a man with light-color skin, but I am not sure.

The main character was inside a windowless house or room inside a house, it seemed, and the lightning was dim.

He was thinking and complaining about various global issues in the world like poverty, workers rights and safety and environment and pay and benefits et cetera, maybe immigration and the treatment of immigrants, gang violence and other negative forms of violence, war, and more.

He felt that people with influence like celebrities et cetera should be using their influence and resources and money et cetera to help deal with these issues, and to inspire change among people since they can reach and influence large numbers of people.

I remember him singling out Nelson Mandela and South Africa oddly, and he complained about Mr. Mandela not doing enough toward these issues and about various issues in South Africa that he felt were bad and getting worse.

During the dream I probably did not realize that Mr. Mandela was supposed to be dead, but I still found it odd that the main character of the dream singled him out and South Africa, which made me wonder if he was from South Africa and possibly in South Africa.

Besides that he was also thinking about memories involving people in the past and maybe present who(m) he knew who were struggling with various issues and some who died, and throughout the dream music was played here and there.

There were several songs by the musician Duncan Sheik that played during the dream, with probably most of them being from his first album called Duncan Sheik, and I think that these were possibly three of the songs that I heard part of:

Duncan Sheik – In The Absence of Sun

In the Absence of Sun

Duncan Sheik – She Runs Away

She Runs Away (2006 Remaster)

Duncan Sheik – Reasons For Living

Reasons for Living (2006 Remaster)

There were several other songs that I recognized throughout the dream, but I forgot them as I kept trying to go back to sleep while still trying to remember this dream instead of just recording it and then trying to go back to sleep.

The main character seemed to think that people like him and the average person would not have much of an impact when it comes to dealing with global issues, and so he felt that people with influence were the best chance that we had to help deal with these issues and get others to make a change.

All the thinking and complaining was directed at others doing things instead of him doing anything other than thinking ideas and complaining, and so I felt that he was partly trying to remove himself from part of the blame and from having to actually do something.

As the dream went on I felt that even he started to slowly realize this in the back of his mind, especially as he thought about people he knew, and he probably thought about whether he could have helped them, and he possibly started trying to slowly consider thinking about what he could do in his own life to make a difference.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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