Assassins Sent To Kill An Intelligence Agent

I got in bed late, I had several dreams that I remembered, but I only recorded part of my last dream so I forgot the rest.

The dream took place during the day and I was probably not in the dream, but I am not sure.

I think that there was an older man standing in my parent’s yard near the main double gates, and maybe somehow our yard was connected to an office-like building but I can not remember.

The older man was waiting on a man to walk by who was dating his daughter, and this man possibly worked for an intelligence agency but I can not remember and the older man’s daughter was also an intelligence agent at probably the same intelligence agency.

The man was probably on his way to meet the man’s daughter, but the older man stopped him and they had a conversation where the older man asked the man about his relationship with his daughter.

He asked the man if he felt that his life has improved since dating his daughter, did he love his daughter, did he want to marry his daughter, et cetera.

The man probably answered yes and probably to all of his questions, and the older man replied that he was happy for them and that he approved of their relationship and if they decided to get married and that he felt that they both have improved each others lives.

While they were still talking the dream jumped to a scene inside the building where the daughter of the older man was walking down a hallway in the building, she was working on an investigation that involved some very high-level highly classified information, and she suspected that some fellow intelligence agents were involved in illegal and unethical et cetera activities.

As she walked down the hallway a group of attractive men and women who looked like movie versions of overly stylized intelligence agents and assassins et cetera (some of the women were wearing tight black leather assassin-like clothing) started walking toward her from down the hall, and they were some fellow intelligence agents from the same intelligence agency that she worked for who were sent to kill her because she was getting too close to the truth with her investigation.

As they approached they started talking to the woman letting her know that they were sent to kill her and why, no one else was on this hallway but them, and so the woman was alone and outnumbered.

The assassins were overconfident, the woman talked back to them possibly trying to stall hoping that her boyfriend would show up to help her, but he was still busy talking to her father.

The woman tried to think of a way to survive this situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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