A Literal Spambot?

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place during the Olympics, either when it was going on still or actually at the Olympics, and the dream took place during the day.

I had bought something from China (possibly government-owned) or from a Chinese company, I had one or more problems with the item, and so I had reported / complained about the problem online.


Whispers Among Wolves | Drama Short Film | Omeleto

What is it?

The short film Whispers Among Wolves by Soda Honey Films.

Here is this short film on YouTube on the YouTube channel Omeleto, and the video is called Whispers Among Wolves | Drama Short Film | Omeleto:

An alcoholic CEO and her assistant reveal secrets and open old wounds. | Whispers Among Wolves

Lilies Of The Field (1963 Film)

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The movie Lilies Of The Field.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

In this film, a traveling laborer meets five nuns in the Arizona desert.

The appearance of Homer Smith convinces the Mother Superior he is an answer to her prayers.

He wins the hearts of the nuns and the thanks of the town, as initial reluctance turns into public acceptance.

Final Thoughts

This movie was okay,  it was family friendly, it was better than the trailer, but it was not better than the movie A Patch Of Blue and it was longer than it should have been in my opinion.

The end,

-John Jr