A Literal Spambot?

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place during the Olympics, either when it was going on still or actually at the Olympics, and the dream took place during the day.

I had bought something from China (possibly government-owned) or from a Chinese company, I had one or more problems with the item, and so I had reported / complained about the problem online.

During or at the Olympics there was an advertisement from either the Chinese government or a Chinese company, a female voice was used during the advertisement, and during it they responded to my report / complaint to my surprise in their advertisement.

Late night shows, comedians, and various other people were making fun of the advertisement for various reasons including the female voice that was possibly an artificial voice.

The jokes and complaints about the advertisement had some merits, but I was happy that they had responded to my report / complaints so I respected them for doing that so I felt that people were being too harsh on them for the flaws with that advertisement.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day in my parent’s yard, and I was in the yard with some of my brothers between the back of the house and the area near the storage buildings.

I got some mail and some spam messages so I was going through them as my brothers talked in the background, and as I did this I heard and thought that I saw something jumping at me trying to attack me so I dodged a few times without really looking around to see what it was at first thinking that I was just imagining things.

Then I noticed what looked like either a boy or very short person with medium-color skin with short dark-color hair who possibly had a backpack on, and he was the one jumping at me trying to attack me or get my attention.

I grabbed him and held him in the air when he jumped at me, I looked at him as I held him in the air asking him why he was jumping at me et cetera, but something was very strange about him.

He looked tired, drained, thirsty, hungry, et cetera like someone who got mailed in a box or something without food or water.

He also seemed to probably be an android (robot) or non-human, he did not respond or look me in the eyes, and I turned him around trying to figure out if he had a battery pack or something to help me figure out if he was an android or if he was really alive.

His possible backpack possibly had some spam mail, junk mail, scams, et cetera in it like his job was to get people’s attention and trick them into these scams et cetera.

He possibly started to cry or fake cry a bit (probably without tears), I still assumed that he was an android, and that maybe he was literally a spambot.

I was not sure if this was correct or not or if he was really a boy or a small human who was forced into this against his will and was in need of medical attention, I felt somewhat bad for him either way, and so I walked over to tell my brothers and possibly get him some food and water before contacting emergency services.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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