Stopping To Visit A Couple At Their RV Or Tiny House

This dream was possibly partly inspired by me looking at tiny and small housing options trying to see if things have gotten more affordable before I went to sleep.

The end of this dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of LC it seems, and it was late afternoon.

I am not sure what happened before this, maybe there was something involving a fictional college, I just remember that I had a bicycle instead of my automobile and I needed to get back home to the city of D before it gets dark so I was leaving by bicycle as quickly as I could because it is about a 50 mile trip.

I remember quickly riding the bicycle along the main street to exit the city of LC, at some point as I was approaching the area almost near B Street, I reached an area where there were a lot of people walking and a large number of them seemed to be from India (Indian) and they had medium-color skin but there were a variety of people walking with skin colors ranging from light to dark.

I possibly started walking my bicycle at this point for some reason but I am not sure, and at some point I continued riding my bicycle quickly until I reached a fictional part of the road that had a quiet piece of land on the left side of it or I continued walking my bicycle and I saw a couple (man and woman) with light-color skin who(m) I recognized from back when I went to a fictional college in the city of LC and / or earlier in the dream and / or in a past dream.

They recognized me too and we started talking and walking, and they invited me to their RV (recreational vehicle) or tiny house that was on the quiet piece of land on the left side of the road so I accepted their invitation.

The woman slightly reminded me of Nixie Pixel and the man possibly needed a wheelchair or something to move around because his legs were very small and weak and deformed and he possibly could not really use them because of maybe a disability or something.

I could not remember their names, I just recognized them as possible former collegemates, and I thought that maybe they were also motivational speakers or something like that.

Their RV or tiny house was small but there was more seating space than you would think because there was a sitting area on both sides of the RV or house opposite each other, and we sat down and we talked.

I noticed that they had some reddish bruises and injuries, and they told me that they had been in a bicycling accident recently and that they had recently been to the doctor and would need to return again soon.

Their injures were not major so they expected to heal, but the experience was scary because they both flew off of the bicycle during their accident.

At some point the man wanted to move to a wheelchair or something, and so I had to carry him to it.

I wanted to ask them their names but I was a bit embarrassed about not remembering their names so I did not ask them.

Slowly more people started to arrive to talk and visit with them as well, and I talked to some of the people.

They seemed to be pretty popular and many of the people thanked them for various things, and at some point a bald man with dark-color skin pushed open several drawers full of ball pit-like balls that all had motivational / inspirational messages and quotes written on them.

He told me that you had to pick them up and read them out-loud and then put them in the empty drawer, and this was some kind of motivational activity that the couple would probably use sometimes to help people.

I read a few and I remember struggling to read some damaged white text that was painted on maybe a window or something else made of glass, the word Lucid was possibly in it but I can not remember, whatever the text said it seemed to be the name of the couple’s motivational group or business or whatever it was.

I noticed that it was getting later and darker so I needed to leave, I said goodbye and thank you to the couple, and I left.

As I was almost to the road I decided to turn around to go back and ask them if they had a blog or website or something that I could check out, I hoped that their names would be listed on there and some other information about them, and when I returned oddly all the visitors were gone except for a woman with light-color skin who was one of their friends.

I knocked on the door and they told me to come in, I asked them my question, and the woman wrote down something and I thanked her and I said goodbye again and I left.

As I approached the street I noticed that my belt was messed up so I started adjusting it, some people stuck in traffic were staring at me and a male police officer with light-color skin was on the other side of the road from them, and so I predicted that they would tell the police about me thinking that I was doing something lewd.

I was correct and the police officer walked over to me as I was finishing adjusting my belt on my pants, he asked me what I was doing and where I was going, and I explained the situation to him.

After that he let me go and I started riding away, there was no way that I could make it back before dark by bicycle on a 50 mile trip, and so I started thinking about whether I should turn back and spend the night in the city of LC.

I then started to wonder why I had a bicycle instead of my automobile, where was my automobile, whose bicycle is this because I no longer own a bicycle, where would I stay for the night, et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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