Getting Into An Argument With My Parents

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved children, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was standing in the living room of my parent’s house using my computer, and my brother GC was also in the living room using his computer.

Our mom walked into the room complaining to my brother GC about various things involving things that he does that annoy her, and at some point I said something that countered and challenged some of the things that she said which made her more angry and she started arguing with me a bit before walking away.

Our dad entered the room angry, our mom sent him after me I guess, and he started arguing with me angrily.

I was not even arguing back at first, I just explained the situation and stayed calm, but my dad just got angrier and ranted even more.

Eventually this annoyed me enough that I started arguing back a bit, and then my dad said something that either hinted that he might kick me out of the house or he did and then he walked away.

I briefly talked with my brother GC, I was a bit angry and annoyed, and the dream jumped in time to the future.

It seemed that maybe I did leave the house or had been kicked out briefly after that argument because I remember walking to a fictional version of The BP Library that was in a building that was possibly partly school-like with a cafeteria that I would pass through when walking to the library part of the building for work.

I would usually see students and other people like a female patron who is a teacher with dark-color skin who often comes to the library to tutor kids in the cafeteria area eating, drinking, talking, studying, getting tutored, et cetera.

I remember seeing my brother GC or calling him to ask him about our parents, like maybe I had not seen them since that argument, and I asked him how were our parents doing and were they spending more time together and more time outside the house doing various things now that I was gone I assume.

I can not remember what my brother GC’s response was, I just know that I hoped that they were doing well, and I seemed to be doing well also and I probably hoped to visit them one day.

After talking to my brother GC I saw the female patron / teacher in the cafeteria area, and she told me about how I reminded her of my dad.

And then she looked to her right and I saw my dad in another room like maybe he was working or something, and so I went to talk to him before I go to work.

This was my chance to talk to him about that argument and how I was doing and how they were doing and that I still cared about him and my mom, and to try to repair our relationship but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

2 replies on “Getting Into An Argument With My Parents”

are your parents still alive? or you think that the relationship could be better?
also there is no need to put the apostrophe on the word parent the plural is parents when you put the apostrophe (parent’s) it denotes possession in essence the title denotes an argument with something that belong to your parents….

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Hello True George

Yep, they are still alive, and I think that our relationship is pretty good.

You would think that a dream like this would possibly be connected to one’s relationship with their parents, but when I woke up from this dream my thought was that it possibly was a what-if scenario / message about leaving home and living on your own one day; maybe that it will not be as bad as one might think, that it probably needs to happen at some point, and if you do not leave on your own something like that could finally make it happen.

Thank you, I thought so, but grammar / spell checks and other people confused me about that with some having apostrophes before or after the s; and so I added it even though I did not think that it was correct, but I have corrected it now thanks to you.

English can be illogical and confusing at times with the various exceptions to the rules, illogical rules, bad spelling system, et cetera.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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