Young Don The Sauce God (Don Hinds) Working At Walmart

I only remember barely part of the end of my last dream, I am not sure if I was myself and / or if I was Young Don The Sauce God (Don Hinds) and / or if I was not in the dream during some parts of it.

This dream was possibly inspired by me seeing the title of this video by Young Don The Sauce God called Getting Fired From McDonalds Part 1 without actually watching the video yet:

Getting Fired From McDonalds Part 1

The dream took place at a Walmart that looked like a slightly fictional version of the Walmart in the city of D from the inside, and the dream was about a story being told by Young Don The Sauce about something that happened when he use to work at Walmart.

My memory is confused but I was possibly inside the Walmart too at first walking around shopping, and at some point I possibly heard Don trying to help a female customer with light-color skin who was giving him a hard time.

Don kept having to repeat himself and explain things and the customer kept countering whatever he said, and basically it became a back and forth argument about one or more things that she was trying to figure out which to buy.

I possibly walked over to a fictional area near the milk and food section that had some shelves with food and miscellaneous items on sale, and I was looking at the items on sale.

I saw two men who looked like my coworkers JF and JM and a young man with light-color skin with yellow hair looking at items in this section too, and I heard them talking about an item that was on sale for $99 that was a meal kit with a large slab of beef with vegetables et cetera that were seasoned and ready to be cooked and were inside a clear plastic bag.

They were saying how there was no way that was worth that much money, that it could not taste that good, and that was not much of a sale and I greeted them and I said the same thing.

They glanced at me but kind of ignored me and continued talking and walking, and the dream possibly jumped to Don who had finished dealing with the female customer who had left the store after buying her stuff.

Don was pushing a shopping cart with a large cardboard box in it, and he was thinking about the experience with the female customer so he was distracted.

He moved to the section where I had been at and he looked around at things until a male coworker of his with dark-color skin with short black hair who was older and higher ranked than him walked over to let him know that the box in his cart belonged to the customer he had argued with, and so Don was going to have to call the woman now by telephone or mobile phone.

The coworker lectured him a bit about his interaction with that customer and about not realizing that she had left the box in his cart, and then he left so that Don could call the woman.

Don called the woman and let her know about her box, and then he tried to figure out how to keep her box safe while trying to work as he waited for her to return to the store.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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