A Female President | A Summer Camp? | My Former Classmate BM Gets Kidnapped

Dream 1

All that I can remember is that I was walking in my parent’s yard during the day, and on the side of the yard between the sheds and the house was an outdoor gathering of military officers and some politicians and a female president with light-color skin who was possibly The President Of The United States who was probably based on the character President Elizabeth Keane from the television show Homeland and some special forces-like soldiers (fully armored with carbines) who seemed to be handling security.

The president was giving a speech and then answered questions that the military officers and politicians et cetera had (I remember some of them making negative facial expressions), and at some point she started walking away to leave the yard through the main double gates.

Her possible special forces-like security were way behind her and none of them walked ahead of her and they were not properly securing the area, and so I walked ahead of her looking around for threats.

I was surprised by how terrible her security was and I wondered what was going on (were they even her security, are they hanging back to leave her exposed on purpose as part of a planned assassination (especially after seeing some of the facial expressions of some of the military officers and others at the gathering), et cetera), I felt a bit tense like something bad might happen, and this area was too exposed and so I possibly turned around to tell the president that maybe she should move to a more covered area until he ride or whatever shows up.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day at a summer camp amusement park-like place that maybe my parent’s had signed me up for, there were mostly children and young people there, and so I was among the few adults I assume including some of my former classmates (besides the employees and some parents et cetera).

I walked around outside confused about why I was here and what I was supposed to do and if adults were even allowed and whether I would be staying there several days or just for several hours et cetera, and I remember being near the entrance and pay / ticket area at first.

I possibly briefly talked with some of my former classmates before continuing on.

People seemed to be assigned to teams or groups who would probably be housed in the same areas and who would work together as a team sometimes when they were not doing individual activities, they would probably be given a team leader, et cetera.

I found a paper and / or signs that had a list of some of the activities that you could attend and the different areas and the different teams et cetera, and each category had a particular theme and image to represent it.

I remember one activity being gun safety and other things involving gun training but I can not remember what image was used for that category, and another category was represented by what looked like The Eye Of Horus with activities involving maybe magic / interesting science stuff / paranormal / miscellaneous / ancient history / and more.

I am not sure if I got assigned to a group or if I followed a group or what happened, I am not even sure if I attended any activities (maybe, probably), I just remember us going to an upper floor of a building where maybe we were waiting for people to be assigned their rooms.

I noticed that the actor Vin Diesel was there oddly, I needed to urinate, and so I went to find a bathroom and I remember walking down to what seemed to be an underground multi-floor house-like area.

I walked into a messy room that had a toilet in it that barely had any water, this room did not look like a bathroom so I was confused by this, and it was messed up like children had made a mess.

My dad entered the room as I was trying to urinate and I was not comfortable and I could not urinate, he needed to urinate too, and so I said something to him and I walked off to find a different and cleaner bathroom.

I remember seeing Mr. Diesel walking through to another room where I heard children, I then assumed that those were Mr. Diesel’s children, and that they were staying at this house-like area during the camp so we were probably in their area; I assumed that they had paid extra to have this much space to themselves instead of a small room or shared room, but I wondered why had they messed up the place so badly with stuff all over the floor.

I found another room that looked more like a bathroom, but I am not sure if I urinated before I left or not.

I just remember walking outside still confused and trying to figure out if I was supposed to be there and if I had housing too and what activities should I go too, I felt so out-of-place as an assumed adult, and as I walked there were groups of young people and parent’s et cetera walking outside as people were still being assigned housing and groups et cetera.

I saw the actor Sidney Poitier walking with a young man with dark-color skin with black hair who I assumed was his son or grandson, Mr. Poitier was old and probably his current age, and they were talking and walking in the same direction as me and near me.

I heard some young people behind them who recognized Mr. Poitier to my surprise, and they started quoting some of his lines from a certain movie.

Mr. Poitier heard them and smiled as he continued walking.

I walked back near the entrance area still trying to figure out what was going on, I looked around for my mom so that I could ask her, and then I probably texted her asking he where she was at.

I saw some of my former classmate talking to the left of me.

I remember wondering how much did this cost and many other questions, I wanted to know what was going on before so I could decide what to do, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream seemed to be a continuation of the previous dream and it took place during the day at what seemed to be the end of the camp, and maybe a final ceremony was taking place inside part of a shopping center-like building in the side on the left that reminded me of the former dollar movie theater in the city of LC.

You had to walk up some steps to reach a covered walking area with seating along the wall of windows with a view inside to a hallway with seating and many people waiting to see celebrities walking down the hall to attend the assumed final ceremony, and I stayed outside to avoid most of the crowds as I saw celebrities and others walk inside and through the hallway of people trying to get photographs and autographs et cetera.

I was possibly going to go to the ceremony once the crowds had decreased, and as I waited I saw my former male classmate BM so I greeted him and we started talking about the camp et cetera.

At some point we started to walk away and I made sure that he did not leave anything behind, and then he stopped at a large covered trash can that was inside a rock brick frame with large openings at the sides on the top.

BM climbed inside the trash can to my surprise and confusion and I asked him what he was doing, and he told me to pull the cord on a bell on a pillar to my left because he wanted to do a prank or something.

As I was walking over to the bell confused and asking him if he was sure about this, I heard three young men with some kind of British accent talking to BM, and they sounded like troublemakers.

I turned to see that the trash can was now an old green or blue maybe European style station wagon (I possibly did not notice that it had changed from being a trash can or I did not have time to question it), it belonged to the three young men (one had light-color skin, one had dark-color skin, and maybe the other had medium-color skin), and so I walked over to let them know that BM was just trying to do a prank and that he did not know that it belonged to them and I apologized but the young man with dark-color skin got in front of me like they were about to punish BM.

I wanted to avoid violence if possible, it was their automobile so I stayed back giving them some space, but if they got violent I was going to step in.

BM possibly has autism and / or some kind of other condition so I felt even more responsible for protecting him, normally I would have gotten closer, but I was trying to avoid violence at first.

The other two young men jumped into the automobile and started it up while the other blocked my path then they started driving away with BM and I went to run after them, the other young man jumped inside the car, and they drove inside one of the businesses in the building that was maybe a grocery store using the automatic doors.

They were driving around wildly trying to scare BM, they were kidnapping him and trying to scare him, and then I am not sure what they were going to do to him but I heard them taunting him and laughing et cetera.

I chased them but they drove outside and then back inside another store, and eventually I lost them but I heard them crossing through the building through businesses.

I felt bad for staying too far away earlier so now they had BM as their hostage, I ran through the building trying to find them, and then I remember my vision being blurry like I had lost my glasses or something (I am not sure if I ever were wearing them, I almost never know or pay attention to whether I am wearing glasses or not).

I saw the outline of a blurry man who I thought might be my former male classmate MT so I yelled his name, but when I got closer it was an older tall man with dark-color skin who was an employee at a store and he looked at me in confusion.

I apologized and I explained that I had lost my glasses so I could not see well and that I had assumed that he was a former classmate of mine, I asked him if he had seen where the car went, but he looked at me in confusion so I explained the situation and maybe he said that it went to the left to another business so I thanked him and I ran trying to find them.

They were too far away and I could not see them and the sound was getting further away, I felt like I had failed BM, and I tried to figure out where they might exit so that I could run there before they reach that location but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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