Fox Mulder Has Bipolar Disorder?

I am not sure if this is one transitioning dream or several dreams, and so I will type them separately.

Dream 1

This dream took place outside during the day and I was inside the yard of my parents near the back of the house and the side near the sheds, my dad was in this area too, and my brother TDC or KDC was walking back and forth on the street that The E House is on between several houses and The E House.

At some point I saw a former male schoolmate who was older than me who had medium-to-dark color skin with black hair who was maybe named DB except his hair was puffed out a bit and a man with dark-color skin with black hair walking from the street that The E House is on.

DB crossed a yard toward us and he asked from my brother TDC or KDC, and so we told him that he was walking back and forth on the other street so DB walked through the semi-abandoned yard and stopped near the first window on the right side to wait for my brother to walk back around.

I worried that our semi-neighbor T would see DB through the window thinking that he was trying to steal something or break a window and would walk outside to confront him, and so I hoped that he would leave that yard soon before T sees him.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly partly inspired by episode 3 (Standoff) of season 7 of the television show Homeland.

Next on Episode 3 | Homeland | Season 7

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not, but it took place inside a office-like house during the day.

The character Fox Mulder from the television show The X-Files was inside this office-like house with some people he worked with, and so I guess that this was possibly a FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) office inside a house-like building maybe.

Mulder was very energized and he was talking a lot about various conspiracy theories and various topics and connections that he felt were there and various other random things, and he was acting unstable like he possibly had bipolar disorder and was in a mania or hypomania state so he reminded me of the character Carrie Mathison from the television show Homeland when she gets unstable.

His coworkers seemed familiar with this and knew that he was unstable because they recognized the signs when he is in a mood like this, and I think that I heard one of his coworkers saying that he was unstable again and they asked Mulder if he had taken his medicine for his bipolar disorder I think but I can not remember what his response was.

I remember hearing construction work going on outside in the neighborhood, a rich somewhat older woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair was having her house remodeled and made bigger, and somehow this construction started to cause the office-like house to tilt in the air sometimes because the heavy construction going in the neighborhood.

Mulder and his coworkers and maybe me if I was there were forced to hold on to things as the house tilted sideways almost completely, some objects slid and fell, but then the house went back to normal.

Some of the people got nails and hammers and started to nail down the bottom frames of the house and various objects to secure them to help prevent them and the house from falling apart and over, and sometimes the house would tilt again so they would have to stop and hold on for their lives.

At some point maybe Mulder and some of the others and maybe me if I was there went outside to see if we could see the construction going on to see what was causing this chaos, but I can not remember the rest of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day and I remember being outside in a car with Joe Rogan, we possibly dropped off Dana White or he was driving and he got out at the house to the right of the house of Mr. CC or something, but I can not remember because I can not remember the parts of the dream before this.

We waiting in the car briefly and I remember talking to Mr. Rogan about The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), mixed martial arts (MMA), whatever happened in the dream before this, maybe Mr. White, and more.

At some point maybe Mr. White signaled to us that we could go because maybe he was going to stay, and so maybe Mr. Rogan started driving as we continued talking about the same topics.

Mr. Rogan started to talk about certain UFC / MMA fans who say and believe and do a lot of extreme and crazy things including probably false conspiracy theories, hate speech, racism, ethnocentrism, extreme political beliefs, et cetera.

He gave me examples, one of which was how some of the fans hate Barack Obama and why, and at some point we reached a multi-story building and we went inside.

I remember us being inside a part of the building that had several rooms including a bathroom, we were still talking, and at some point I realized / remembered that I was babysitting / mentoring a boy from maybe China (Chinese) who had short black hair with light skin and that he was with us somewhere.

It seemed that maybe was a volunteer mentor or something, I found the boy and then I found another boy who also seemed to be from China, and I had forgotten about him too.

The second boy was in the bathroom messing with stuff including trying to open some medicine bottles, and so I had to stop him and tell him why he should not be messing with stuff like that and I had him leave the bathroom and move to the room where Mr. Rogan and I were so that I could watch them.

I wondered how had I forgotten about the two boys and I wondered how long had they had been here without me watching them, I could not remember picking them up or them being with us earlier, and I found it strange that I could not remember.

I was doing a terrible job babysitting and mentoring them right now it seemed, this was not like me at all, and so I wondered how had this happened and why I could not remember anything other than that I had probably volunteered my time to help these two boys before.

I hoped that the boys had not gotten a hold of any medicine or anything, but I woke up as I was trying to make sure that they were okay while trying to make sense of this and trying to make sure that I watch them closely now.

The end,

  • John Jr

4 replies on “Fox Mulder Has Bipolar Disorder?”

Hello Moment,

Interesting, that is funny how that happens sometimes, it makes me wonder sometimes.

I have seen some video clips of some of his podcasts too, he talks about various topics including those that you will not likely hear about on mainstream sources, and he sometimes has interesting opinions and a more open mind at times than you would expect from someone like him (he can be wrong, a bit offensive, and not so smart at times though). 😉

I think that Joe Rogan use to host Fear Factor, he is sometimes a ring announcer for The UFC and mixed martial arts (in the real world and video games et cetera), he sometimes does stand up comedy, and I have possibly seen him or video of him featured in some other things as well (he is even a character in a UFC video game 😀 ).

Thank you for commenting,

-John Jr

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